Another Excellent Day of Play

2. Arnauld Mattern 469,500
3. Konstantin Beucherl 156,500
4. Tommy Pavlicek 266,500
5. Shandoi Demjan 367,500
6. James Akenhead 153,500
7. Markus Ristola 157,000
8. John Kabbaj 448,500
9. Daniel Negreanu 314,500 It’s September 30th today and I was scheduled to do a commercial shoot for PokerStars, but looks like I kind of screwed up that plan! I was also planning on playing the high roller at the EPT but that’s not going to happen now either. When I am done with the WSOPE I’ll be flying straight to LA to film the new FOX show, PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge. We have an awesome group of contestants that will appear on the show, including, no joke, a poker playing Catholic Priest! I’ll let you guys all know when the show airs and make sure you tune in. It’s going to be a pretty cool show. I finally think I’m beating the jet lag. I did get tired last night, but not till about midnight and we only played until 12:30am. I ate a lot better yesterday, and by better I mean more. I have breakfast on the way right now in my room and expect to be ready to go for the noon start time. Last year when I finished 5th in this event, I was the chip leader, or top three for most of the way. It’s been a different kind of run this year, with me hovering around the average for most of the way. I’m hoping, and expecting to make my big push with about 12 players left and then reach the final table in the top three. I’ll keep you all updated via twitter. Speaking of twitter, I just figured out how to link my tweets to my facebook account so they are showing up there now too. ]]>