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Laser Hair Removal: So I decided rather than shaving my chest and the back of my neck, shoulders, etc. I’d go to Ideal Image and get the laser treatment. They say it takes like 9 treatments and it gets easier each time as the hair thins out. I went without numbing cream and it hurt like a ****. Next session I used the cream and it was manageable.
Today I went back for my second treatment and put the cream on 90 minutes before. Last time I put like 5 coats on from an hour in, like every 10 minutes! Well, the cream sinking into your skin is some BS! It hurt sooooo bad ouch. What I didn’t know was the the intensity of the laser increases the first 5 treatments.
As I’m doing it, I’m just cursing the whole time, seriously. Wondering, why in the world am I doing this? Ouch. I made it through and have my next appointment in two months, but man, if the laser gets more intense the next time I don’t know if I’ll get through it. My pain threshold is extremely low. Also, while you are doing this you can’t tan the areas you are zapping so I’ve got monster farmer tan going on right now and it’s going to have to be that way for like a year. P90X Workouts: Everyone I talked to said this workout is the nuts. I did the fit test, and while I can’t do a proper chin up, for the most part I passed the test. I’m two days in, and day two was no joke. I did whats called a plyometric workout, which basically just has you jumping around for an hour doing squats, lunges, and all kinds of random exercises. Looked easy, and I figured it would be fun until Tony Horton recommended having a pail or something nearby in case you puke! Well, I didn’t puke, but I’m not so sure I’ll be able to walk tomm.
I’m doing the diet too, but being a vegan that means I need to rely heavily on tofu and seitan for the first month since carbs are a no-no in month one. Patty, my awesome assistant has me covered. Which reminds me, if you guys are looking for an assistant for the WSOP check out
My plan is to stay dedicated to this program throughout the WSOP. If need be I’ll do the workouts on my dinner break, but I don’t plan on skipping any. I actually think this will give me MORE energy in the long run. Maybe not in the beginning, but overall I think it will. I took some before pics, and no I ain’t posting them… in 90 days if I get in shape, then I’ll show you what it looks like, but until then I got some flab to deal with. 27.1% body fat! I was shocked. Too much beer I guess 🙂 Not anymore. No alcohol whatsoever until at least July 16th. Sports and Science: I did that show a long time ago, don’t remember EXACTLY when it was, but I just saw it up on youtube and and thought I’d share: Lie Detector Episode
It’s a silly piece involving me, Phil Laak and a blond in a bikini. The very end is a bit funny/embarrassing, but whatever, I don’t really care! For the record, I was single when I shot this! Cereus Network Final Word: After my last blog I received an e-mail from Paul Leggat trying to explain his position and what happened. I won’t share what he wrote, but here was my response to Paul: “Like I said man, you seem like an ok guy but the brand you are associated with doesn’t do the poker world any good whatsoever. From the big cheating scandal to awarding a pot to PH when he lost the hand, to using crappy security software.
The fact that this was spotted by PTR and NOT you guys is just absolutely inexcusable. Especially considering the fact that security should be your top priority. You weren’t even using SSL and from what I heard that is standard.
As nice a guy as you might be, the company as a whole is an ugly wart on our industry. Can you honestly say, and truly believe that the existence of UB/AP in our industry is “good for poker.” Could you deny the fact that if Cereus didn’t exist at all, that would be better for poker?
I understand you want to make a buck and I don’t fault you for that. If you and I stepped aside and looked at this from the outside, though, I think you would wholeheartedly agree that shutting down the whole network would be best for poker. Not best for your pocketbook, or PH’s, or any of the other sponsored pros, but purely from the standpoint about what’s best for our game, the answer is clear… Shutting down the corrupted and poorly secured network would benefit the poker world as a whole. This isn’t personal. I’ve spoken out against UB for 10 years and year, after year I feel more and more vindicated about that decision. I don’t pass judgment on the sponsored pros. They need to eat I guess, but I could never in good conscious support a company that has failed again and again to do the right thing.Daniel.” My history with UB is long. I spoke to Greg Pierson at the very inception of the site, before the software was even created. I liked the guy, he seemed really nice and professional. Then weird stuff started happening. He specifically said Russ Hamilton would have nothing to do with UB. Then out of the blue, not only is Russ an investor, he’s also in charge of policing the big games!
At the time, my concern, knowing full well that Russ had a shady past, was that Russ would look at players hole cards and then play in the games. I didn’t think he’d actually look at his opponents WHILE playing, but I was concerned enough by the fact that he’d have access to the hand histories. That’s a big edge when you play high.
Then WPT Aruba happened and I was asked to participate in a one table sit n’ go on TV. It was reported that the players were playing for a $250,000 freeroll. That was a lie. I declined to take part in that event, because I thought that was shady and unnecessary. At the time, I wrote something like, “If there was a $250,000 freeroll in Timbuktu I’d be on the next flight.” That was a lot of money back then, it still is.
I confronted Greg about it at a later date and he lied to my face. 10 minutes after Russ told me one story, Greg told me a completely different one. I told Steve Lipscomb of the WPT that he’d been lied to. They apparently promised a certain guarantee, so this phantom $250,000 assured they’d get there. Shady, shady, shady!!! I’m not lying. Ask the participants in that event the following question: when you were asked to play in that event, were you under the impression that you were playing for $250,000? The truth is, the winner got a $25,000 seat in the WPT Championship later that year. I never took a penny from UB ever, and never did a deal with them. I used to wear the hat for them was back in 2001 I think, for a short period of time, well before I was aware of what was really going on. The minute I realized this company was built and founded on shady principals, I cut all ties with them. I take that kind of thing very seriously, and if I don’t feel good about something, I’m not going to just “go with it.” Back then I received SOOO much pressure to shut up. Everyone wanted me to keep my big mouth shut, and I regret now that I wasn’t louder then. WSOP: Starts tomorrow with the 50k! I expect between 160-170 players. The previous record is 148, but I think the NLH and PLO will bring more internet guys in. We shall see.
Tonight, I’m doing a “high roller fantasy auction draft” and I’m well prepared. I’m a nerd for stuff like this, I just love fantasy anything. The guys from my hockey pool can attest to my dedication, and I’ve spent a good amount of time formulating my list of wants for tonight. After the draft is over, I’ll share my top 5 prospects for success this year.