Am I Supposed ti live in London?

I’m at a different hotel this year than I was last year, and I like it much, much better. It’s a lot more modern and the TV is, in fact, bigger than my head. Today I walked around a little bit, trying to see if I could find the casino on my own. The streets in London are rather confusing and it wasn’t an easy task, but I asked enough people for direction when I was thoroughly lost and eventually found my way. I enjoy getting lost, I find it to be loads of fun.
Along the way I was just absolutely shocked at how many vegetarian options there were. Just incredible, on top of a room service menu that offers a Vegan menu as well. I don’t even know what to see, I just want to try everything, I haven’t enjoyed the idea of eating so much in years. All of my favorite, healthy foods, easily accessible in fast food like venues. There are little tons of vegetarian only restaurants. If you tried to open even one vegetarian only restaurant in Las Vegas it might struggle.
There is even a place called Red Veg that offers fast food items like burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc… all vegetarian! I’m staying away from that stuff for now, though, as I’ve been working on the body a little bit. I’m sure one night I’ll give that place a try in the next couple weeks. WARNING*** The next part of the blog may sound ignorant and it likely is since I know nothing about the economy here in London. This is just an uninformed opinion based on what I see around me in one particular part of the country.
I see small shops on busy streets that seem to be thriving. Less franchises that seem to dominate in most places in the U.S. that I’ve visited. Now here is the ignorant part: The thought dawned on me, “This looks like a place where the ‘American dream’ is more of a reality than in America.”
I know it’s a silly, and ignorant assumption to make based on very little knowledge, and as I pointed out, I realize that it’s ignorant, but hey, it popped into my head so I thought I’d share it. Often when I do share my thoughts on stuff like that various people from either London or the U.S. will educate me on things I didn’t know in the Daniel’s blog forum at
Feel free to add your two cents to my ignorant view of the world that’s based solely on walking down a few city streets 🙂 **************************************************************** Playing in the WCOOP tournaments online at PokerStars is proving to be a very difficult task for me while in Europe. I don’t want to sleep all day as that will affect my results at the WSOPE, but in order to play the WCOOP events I have to stay up all night. Twice this week I have fallen asleep while deep in a tournament. Last night in the 2-7 single draw NL event I was chip leader for what seemed like forever. In between hands I tried to close my eyes and react to the loud noise when it’s on me. It worked for a while, but inevitably I did fall asleep and missed some hands. I ended up in 18th place.
Even before that event started I was exhausted and didn’t think I could make it through the night based on my fatigue level in the previous tournament, the $500 NL event with a rebuy and an add on. I was chip leader in that one too! Dozing off, though, I didn’t think I had a chance so I just decided to play super fast. Example: my bust out hand. With blinds at 75-150 UTG makes it 350 and gets three others callers. I have about 14,700 in chips, more than enough, and decide to go all in from the big blind with J-4 off suit, lol. The second player called me with 10-10 and then it was on to the 2-7 which seemed more fun anyway. I played uber aggressive in that one too, but because so few people understood the game I was able to just run right over people, bluffing at will. I pulled off the identical bluff five times and never got called once! The bluff went like so: A player raises to 3x and I make a big re-raise from the blind with a hand like J-10-8-7-3. My opponent would call, I’d stay pat, and they’d stay pat behind me. Knowing I was completely dead at this point, there is zero chance my hand could be the best hand in this situation, I’d just shove, lol. If there was 3000 in the pot and the guy had 6000, I’d bet it all. They never called. Not once. Easy game 🙂 I don’t think I’m going to play tonight’s WCOOP events. It’s a bit uncomfortable with no wireless in the room. I take the two seat cushions from the chairs and a pillow and create a bed on the floor. I put a sheet over them and bring my blanket with me close to the desk and spend about hours lying on the floor. I plan on playing the 10K HORSE event, as tired as I may be, as well as the $5200 main event, but I don’t know if I can muster up the energy to play any of the others from here in Europe. I’ve been on the road for a bit now and have been super healthy. I drank about a little bit the night of the EPT awards and had 3 Coronas the night that I played the $25k NLH heads up event sitting in the lobby with William, Duthie, et al.
Other than that, very healthy eating and I’ve been working the perfect push ups pretty hard. I’m getting stronger already and they are fun to do. Anyway, I’m going to do some reading, relax, and then hit the push ups agan. NLH shove with J4 off