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****Ok, before I get into my opinions, et al, I’m going to address the haters right off the bat. If you don’t want to read my political opinions then find another blog to read. I have every right to share my views just like anyone else.***
So I busted out of LA on day 3 after getting 99 beat by KQ. I ended up staying in LA to shoot a show called Sports and Science which should turn out to be pretty neat. I enjoyed doing it. I also drove to Beverly Center to get some clothes for my trip to Sweden since I wouldn’t have a chance to head back to Vegas before my trip. On the way back from Beverly Center my navigator said it was 12 miles to my hotel… 12 miles took 90 minutes! I hate LA, hate that traffic with such a passion I can’t even put it into words. On my flight to Sweden a passenger was dying apparently so we had to stop in Denver for a medical emergency. That made me miss my connection from Germany to Sweden, but I was able to find a suitable flight a few hours later. I’m in Sweden now doing some promotional work for a couple days. I leave here on the 2nd and will be back in Vegas for just five days before heading to Barcelona to host the EPT Awards ceremony and also play EPT Barcelona. I’m excited to play again. ***************************************************************** On to politics. If this isn’t a topic that interests you, then feel free to skip the rest of the blog- seriously. I, of course, watched the Obama speech live and thought he put on a flawless performance answering all the critics during his almost 50 minute speech. He got tough with McCain, got specific, and touched on several issues the American people have been curious about, from abortion to gun control, to the economy and terrorism, he briefly shared his views. The speech was great and I expected to wake up in the morning and see it all over the news, but no… no, Sarah Palin? Who? For those of you who don’t know, John McCain chose little known Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the election. When I listened to her first speak, I couldn’t help but literally laugh in amazement. The whole thing was so awkward and had me wondering, is this for real? Is this some kind of an elaborate practical joke? Apparently it’s for real. It just seems like such an odd choice, picking a random 44 year old woman with less experience than they accuse Obama of having. Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve: it is SOOO annoying that I keep hearing, “How can the DEM’s attack her on the experience issue when they have a man at the top of the ticket who has little experience?” It is such a blatant twisting of the truth. The experience issue isn’t something the DEM’s raised at all, it was the GOP that constantly attacked Obama regarded his perceived lack of experience. If the GOP sees experience as being such a big deal, how can they justify this nomination out of left field?
I realize that Obama is at the top of the ticket and she is only the VP, but McCain is 72 years old and has had health issues. How comfortable would you feel about the “hockey mom” running the whole country if McCain kicks the bucket? This choice brings the age issue to the forefront more so than had he gone with someone like a Romney. In fact, I think a McCain/Romney ticket would have been really tough to beat. One of the things that annoys me most about this pick is that it is so obviously transparent that Palin is being chosen for one key and specific reason: she is a woman. Does anyone honestly believe, that had she been a man with the same resume that McCain would even consider her? McCain always talks about Country First, election second, but does anyone really, truly believe that this woman was the best, and most qualified choice for VP? McCain didn’t choose the person he thinks is best fit to lead the country if he dies. You’d have to be living in la la land to believe that he made this choice based on her qualifications or her ability to lead. He did this to pander to not only social conservatives, but it’s also an attempt to win over unhappy Hillary voters. I don’t have an opinion either way on this really, but does the McCain camp think that female Hillary supporters will vote Republican now because Palin has a vagina? Doesn’t that come off as a bit condescending and ridiculous? Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton, not by a long shot. Her views couldn’t be any more different and Palin has actually spoken negatively about Hillary, calling her a whiner during the primaries. Palin is pro-life, pro guns, anti-gay marriage, and even anti-birth control! Her views couldn’t be any more different than the views of Hillary Clinton. Unless women actually do vote based on genitalia, I don’t see how a Hillary supporter could logically feel an allegiance to Palin at all. This move has more to do with politics and “playing the game” than it does with who made the most sense for McCain. A purely political move to get people talking and steal the spotlight from Obama after his speech. In that sense, it was a brilliant move. Obama’s speech would have flooded the airwaves, but once the announcement of Palin hit the news, that was all anyone would talk about. Certainly a headline catcher. You know, McCain talks a lot about “good judgment” and how he doesn’t think Obama has it. I look at this decision and wonder… is he for real? This is no joke people, but he literally met her ONCE before meeting her again to give her the nomination. Once! He’s known this woman for less time than it takes to play a typical $1500 Stud event at the WSOP and he is comfortable with her being a heartbeat away from leading this country and dealing with global leaders? You can’t be serious. I like both John McCain and Barack Obama and think both have good intentions when it comes to running for office. I like Joe Biden a lot and think he’s a tough cookie to say the least. I don’t dislike Palin… I just don’t get it? Her accent drives me nuts, but that’s just a superficial thing that has no relevance. Watching her speak, she certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. She doesn’t seem ready to “lead on day one.” Since that was a trademark attack on Obama, what gives? I will say that this has made things even more fun to follow and I’m looking forward to the debates. This actually puts Biden in a tough spot. If he gets aggressive with Palin in the debates that could make him look bad, and his primary role is one of “attack dog.” I would assume that the DEM’s best approach would be to avoid attacking her and instead focusing on McCain and his connection to Bush. Hammering home the point that McCain and Bush see eye to eye on over 90% of the issues. An interesting stat from the CDC life table: The chances of a white male dying by age 76 is 40%.
Chances of dying between
the ages of 72 and 76 is about 12% This may be a bit outdated and leaves out many factors including the fact that McCain will have access to the best doctors, etc. but still, the fact that he has suffered from melanoma is a concern that goes the other way. I just thought of something else. Hillary actually becomes even more important now than ever. She will need to campaign for Obama hard and explain to female voters that Palin doesn’t have their best interests at heart. That she is on the other side of the fence in terms of what many women believe. A Clinton-Palin debate would be sooo much more interesting than a Biden-Palin debate. Cat fight! Ok, that’s it for now. It’s like 6:00am here and I’m starving and need to get some breakfast. ]]>