Aggressive Nutso outside a Club

So last night after work I was able to spend some time having some fun. I went to my buddy Zvi’s house for a bit then planned on meeting some of the PokerStars peeps over at the Century Room- a pretty nice club in downtown Toronto. Zvi’s daughter Anna drove me down there and we met the guys in the outside area and had a few drinks. The bar closes at 2:00am and we didn’t get there till about 1:30am so I didn’t stay long. I said goodbye to the boys just outside the club and also, strangely enough, ran into my cousin Michael just outside the club! He is a club promoter that I usually call when I go out, and had no idea he was throwing this party. Weird coincidence. I start walking a few steps down the street to take Anna to her car when this steroid pumping no neck says, “Negreanu!!!” with a nutso crazed look in his eyes. I see that he’s wasted and wasn’t about to start any trouble, hoping he’d just walk away and leave me alone. He didn’t. He was really odd, “What do you want man!! Let me buy you a PIIIIIIIIIIZA man, I wanna buy you a freakin’ Pizza.” I told him I don’t eat pizza but thanks anyway. I continue to walk, but he walks with us. I take a step, he does too. “What do you want then man??? Whatever you waaaaaaaaaaant bro.” Guy looked totally nuts. I was about to give him the pound, saying, “It’s all good man, I just need to get out of here, it’s late.” Then I notice he’s preparing for a big time pound that might crack my knuckles and decided, nah, maybe a pound is not such a good idea. This goes on for a little while. Every time I started to move forward or backwards he was right there with us. Some people that saw this then stepped in. This dude looked like a huge MMA fighter and stepped right up to the guy and was like, “Leave him alone dude.” The guy comes up to me and says he’s a big fan and he’ll take care of this guy. This guy wasn’t wasted and seemed like a cool dude, but I told him no, let him be, I don’t need any fights to go down right here. They start arguing, “Bro, I’m NOOOOOT gonna do anything to him, relax.” The big MMA fighter was looking to really kick butt, and I thought we were looking at an all out brawl. Eventually as things got heated I grabbed Anna and made a getaway for the car. This all happened about 30 feet from my cousin and the Stars crew and no one noticed! LOL, I don’t know how they missed it because it was quite a scene, but I’m glad no one got hurt. ***************************************************************** Earlier in the day, on set I was in and out of the $200-$400 NL game on Stars, playing with various opponents including TakeChip, Purple”something?”, Genius28, and a guy named MadPotter. I was up like 90k before the last hand I could play for the day because I was about to go on set. I had about 130k in front of me and MadPotter had about 80k or so. He raised to 1200 and I called from the button with Kd Qs and one of the blinds called. Flop was a good one, Ks 10s 3s giving me top pair and the nut spades. Only three hands could have me in bad shape, the nuts, As Ad, or As K. It was checked to me and I bet it. The MadPotter check-raised me and I was ready to play a big pot in this spot. I re-raised him on the flop and he called putting about 50k out there already. The turn was a Jh giving me extra outs against a possible set, but also hit a hand like As Qh. He checked and had about 65k in front of him I think, and Elky was sitting there sweating me. I felt like checking, but something Elky said convinced me that I needed to get him off the As if he had it. I shoved and got insta called by As 9s… oops! The river was a 10c so had I checked behind on the turn, chances are that I lose nothing on the river if he fires. Oh well, I ended up winning 10k after losing that pot which was about 159k. I’m headed to the set today and am hoping to play some more on breaks but am looking to play some PLO or some 500-1000 HORSE or 1000-2000 HORSE. If you are looking to gamble later, come see me at Stars. Peace. the bum on the street]]>