A Short Stop in Vegas and it’s back on the road

Wow, I am officially tivo’ed out! On the plane ride home I watched 14 episodes of 24 on my laptop. When I got home I basically slept the day away with my little buddy Mushu and woke up at around 9:00pm. That’s when the TV watching marathon continued: 1) I finished watching the last two episodes of 24, season 5. It was an awesome season and I’m looking forward to this season. 2) Rob and Amber: Against All Odds. Yet another reality show, only with a twist… I’m in this one! I watched the first two episodes and I think the show is pretty good. It turned out even better than I expected. Unless you get Fox Reality the network, you can’t watch it. If you do get that channel, I think you’ll get a kick out of the show. 3) Real World: Denver. A couple of crazy episodes with a new “crazy” in the house. She is irrational and just a little bizarre. You’d have to see it to know what I’m talking about. 4) Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Man did I HATE how that ended. The one guy I was rooting against from the beginning ends up winning the whole thing. That totally ruined an otherwise excellent season. 5) Surreal Life Fame Game: This is a new one and I’m not sold either way on this one. I was expecting to absolutely LOVE this show, but it fell a little short in the first couple episodes. It’s a cross between Survivor, Real World, only with desperate celebs hanging on to their fame in very embarrasing ways. For example, in the first episode, the 10 celebs go to downtown Vegas where a crowd awaits. 30 people are randomly chosen, and they decide on one person to take a picture with. The person with the most pictures takes the prize, while the bottom three become bottom feeders. It was so pathetic and sad to watch the “bottom feeders” cry that no one wanted a picture with them. 6) American Idol: I haven’t been a regular watcher of this show but decided to start watching this season. I’m slightly embarrased to admit that the misfits segments are hilarious. They are funny, but at the same time so absolutely cruel. I mean just flat out mean and distasteful. Simon telling that young kid that he looks like a monkey. Mock his singing fine, but that’s just uncalled for. 7) 60 Minutes: I watched the George W. Bush segment and I wasn’t too impressed with the president. He scares me. His approach to things, his stubborness, and his poor problem solving skills. What scares me the most about him are his facial expressions. He speaks with his face and he isn’t saying nice things. 8) High Stakes Poker: Watched the first episode of season three. For those that don’t know, in the second episode Gabe will be jumping into my seat and I’ll be jumping in the booth to do the commentary while he is in there. 9) Apprentice LA: Donald Trump isn’t a nice person in my opinion. Forget about the whole Rosie thing, he comes off as very arrogant, vain, and rude. I find it hilarious how he yells during the set up pieces. The guy on Saturday Night Live does a spot on spoof of Mr.Comb Over. As for the show, I am really starting to like this show and it’s concept. I wish I would have started watching it from the first season. I found the first guy that didn’t get fired, Frank, to be extremely rude in the boardroom. He never shut up and cut everybody off EVERY time. 10) Poker After Dark: I started watching the week that I won mine. I thought I came into that event with an excellent strategy, using my opponents view of my game against them. I bet at more flops than I ever do and it worked perfectly. I don’t think anyone on the show realized just how much of the show was going to be aired. It was basically the entire thing! So that was my time at home. Not exactly productive, but man it felt great to just chill.
I’m waiting for a plane now with Huck Seed, Erik Seidel, and the entire Card Player crew… gotta run, boarding now! ]]>