A Night Out

I ate well the whole day and felt pretty strong. I decided to head to the golf course for the first time in two months and as predicted, on the range I wasn’t hitting the ball very well at all. I took it to the course and it started to come around a little bit, but nowhere near where I was two months ago. Two months ago I would be targeting 80 as a score, while on this day I targeted 104! I was on pace for that through 7 holes, but then I got a painful blister on my right hand and decided to pack it in. I never really get blisters, but my grip was a bit off and that had to be what caused it. After golf I headed home and read three more chapters of that book I’m reading. I usually read three chapters and then write a report on what I learned from them. It’s a fun assignment and I’ll be reading even more over the next three weeks. I was a bit bored and wanted to finally get out of the house so I called Lex to see what he was up to. His sister was in town so they were doing dinner at a steakhouse. I haven’t eaten in any restaurant or consumed any food not prepared by Patty in about 3 months, so a steakhouse didn’t sound appealing to me. Evelyn wasn’t going, though, and said she’d be willing to see Inception again despite just seeing the movie two nights earlier. I did a 90 minute yoga session as part of my P90X program and then went to pick up Evelyn. I’m on week 8 of P90X and my body looks completely different. Aside from the 10 lbs I’ve lost, I’m also much stronger. I literally could not do a single chin up when I started, and now I can do four comfortably. ***************************************************************** Inception was just incredible and I’d happily see it again. Ever since The Matrix I never thought something like that could be duplicated, but this movie surpassed my expectations, and I went in with very high expectations. I highly recommend seeing this movie, but make sure you don’t go if you are sleepy. There is a lot going on and you need to pay attention to fully get it. I felt like I was able to follow the story quite easily and that made it even more enjoyable for me. After the movie I hung out with Evy at her place for a bit and we caught up. We haven’t hung out in ages and we used to talk all the time. Then we got a text from Lex telling us to meet him at Surrender, a club at the Encore so we decided to check it out. I’ve never been there before, but the vibe was really cool. By the time we got there they were just closing up. I had one drink and then something happened that had me laughing my butt off. We had these three women in a booth next to us and they appeared to be drunk and obnoxious as well as extremely rude. They were trying to steal vodka from the bottle we had and when one of our friends asked what she was doing she gave a pouty face and said, “You aren’t going to drink it anyway.” We probably weren’t, but once she said that I’d rather pour the vodka on the floor than let her have it. I didn’t talk to them at all, but one of Lex’s friends was. They started to get belligerent throwing stuff at us, and ultimately one of them spilled a drink on Lex’s friend. He walked over to her and asked what the heck she thinks she’s doing, and she got all crazy saying, “Do you know who I am? I’m freaking rich and I’m staying in a villa here. I’ll freaking kill you!” Then she kicked him in the chest with her heels on. Now, normally I’m not a fan of violence or beating on a woman, but what he did makes me laugh even thinking about it now. It was epic. With her heel still by his chest, he pulled on her leg like a lawnmower cord and essentially dragged her on the floor and she skidded on the carpet for about 12 feet! HAHA, you just had to be there I guess, but as I’m typing this my laptop is shaking from my belly laughs. This chick totally deserved it. ***************************************************************** A lot of people seem to be out of town after the WSOP and I just didn’t want to go anywhere. My best friend is on vacation for another three weeks and isn’t reachable by phone which sucks since we normally chat via text all the time.
I got invited to Italy, Cabo, Portland, San Diego, etc. but I swear to you, the idea of traveling just doesn’t interest me. I do enough travel throughout the year that when I have downtime I want to spend it at home, with my boy Mushu. My “plan” for the next month is to complete P90X and maybe even post the before/after pics 🙂 and work on my poker game online. I’ve been playing either the $400-$800 8-game mix or the $100-$200 NLH game in Daniel’s Room on PokerStars. With no action in Bobby’s Room and none on the horizon, it looks like I’ll be getting my poker fix online. Outside of that, I’m just going to use the next couple weeks to unwind before I start shooting The Million Dollar Challenge again, as well as The Big Game. Both will be shot in August, and after that it looks like my schedule will start to get busy again with travel to Europe.