A Long Road Trip Ahead

After dinner we decided to play Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture- Brian and Nikki versus Lori and me. We got off to a hot start but the Balsbaughs caught fire and caught up as we both were now going for the win. In a laughable moment, one of the questions that Brian and Nikki could have nailed for the win was basically, “What is Wayne Gretzky’s wife name?” Now Nikki, looks sooo much like her it’s scary. People have told her that for years, but for the life of her she couldn’t remember the name. I, of course knew the name and when she guessed wrong I gave her a hint, “Think about the letter J.” “Oh no! Janet Jones,” she finally shouted out. Too late :-) Then the pressure switched back over to team Negreanu with the following movie question: In Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, what did they claim to have invented?” I’d seen the movie and Lori had not so I was on my own. I just couldn’t picture it in my head and was going to guess hair spray. I looked over at Brian and Nikki and they both knew the answer. Then I pictured Lisa Kudrow and something popped into my head: Post its! They invented Post Its! Well they didn’t really invent them but they claimed to anyway. I did a little dance and Lori and I celebrated with a victory hug. Quality time, and a great evening. I love playing games and playing them with my life partner and wife Lori makes it even more enjoyable- especially since we won! *************************************************************** A few random thoughts: Superstars Invitational III is set to film soon and I’m definitely going to do it this year. Last year, I made the mistake of sticking with a pack of 17 poker players trying to negotiate a better deal. We got one, but then the majority still didn’t think it was enough and didn

Full Contact Poker