A Grade A Slow Roll on Day Two

I started with 70k and on hand two got dealt KK under the gun and raised. I got one caller, the flop was 10-5-2 with two spades and we played for his 35k… he rolled over 55 and that had me back on the grind early, but by the end of the level I was back to 70k. In fact, at the end of every level on the day excluding the final count I sat at about 70k. I ended with 148,900 which puts me above average and about 21st overall going into day three. The slow roll was comical and started a fun and enjoyable day of completely roasting the guilty party. I raised under the gun with QQ, got one caller, and then the blind made it 11k. He only had 7k more after that so as much as I didn’t like my hand I decided I couldn’t fold it and put it all in. The other guy folded so it was just me and him. He literally sighed, paused for a moment, slammed his chips together, looked away shrugging, and then finally made the reluctant call. I showed my QQ, and he stared at them for a moment, before flipping up.. pocket aces! LOL so funny. He then had the audacity to say, “I figured you had the other ones.”
Anyway, the flop came K-Q-7 so it looked like he was going to get punished for his slow roll, but the turn came a K, and the river came a K so I lost the pot. I explained to him how karma works and how I was certain that his destiny would be to finish exactly four out of the money on a sick beat. We shall see, as he’s still in and at my table tomorrow. Then later some more news was revealed. Apparently this guy also welched on an agreed bet with another player at the table for $1100. The details of the bet were explained to me, and I asked the defendant if he had anything to say in defense and he came up with this beauty, “I know he is right… but I’m not gonna pay.” What??? I know the guy is right but I ain’t paying? Ok, well, that sounds like welching to me. He then tried some weak defense that essentially said, “Well I didn’t know I was gonna lose the bet.” Hmmm… ya, that’s not such a good excuse now is it? So then the defendant accused the other player of being cheap and was willing to bet $3000 that he could get 20 people to agree with him. So I chimed in, “What good is that? You didn’t pay the $1100 what makes anyone think you’ll pay off this bet!”
The accused “cheap guy” defending himself by claiming he is NOT cheap, but was willing to admit that he was frugal. Ya, ok, so you are cheap. Before we crack too hard on the slow roller, I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he obviously has a very different definition of ethics in certain areas than most of us! I just couldn’t leave him alone though, and we went on: He says to me, “Aren’t you married Danny?” I show him my fingers and say, “No, I’m a single man.” He then shows me his hands and says, “Hey, I’m married and I don’t have a ring on.” To which I replied, “Not only are you a slow rolling welcher but you also cheat on your wife! My goodness bro!” We had one last adjective to add to his list near the end of the day when his big blind was approaching. It appeared as though he may have been stalling to avoid paying a big blind at the end of the day which helped coin him the following nickname: A slow rolling, womanizing, stalling, welcher! He took the ribbing pretty well and even invited me to dinner after play was done… I decided to pass because with the cheap guy on one side and the welcher on the other, it was pretty obvious who was going to get stuck with the bill! ]]>