A Day at the Office

2. Texas Hold’em
3. 7 Card Stud 8 or better
4. Omaha H/L
5. 7 Card Stud H?L Regular
6. Razz
7. 2-7 Triple Draw
8. Pot Limit Omaha ($100,000 cap)
9. No Limit Hold’em ($100,000 cap)
10. 2-7 NL Single Draw ($100,000 cap) The game changes every eight hands, and don’t worry, the boys have separate props for each of the games. In triple draw, they play the cards in their hand for a wild set of props that includes pair, trips, straights, and flushes. Anyway, I started out slow, getting stuck about $150,000 rather early on. That’s just not very much money in this game when you consider the fluctuation caused by the cap games. Losing 100 BB in this game is very, very, doable. For most of the night I just hovered around even, going from stuck about $200,000, to up maybe $30,000. By about 7:30am, though, I hit a cold run of cards and was down as much as $400,000 or so. I haven’t been playing as much poker as these guys lately, so I didn’t want to go for a marathon session for fear that I wouldn’t stay fresh. So at about 9:00am I called Travis and asked if he could drive me home. It can be really dangerous to drive home when you are that tired. I “could have” driven home, but I was having a tough time keeping my eyes open at the table let alone risk driving all the way home! When I got off the phone I was stuck $410,000. By the time Travis got there, though, I made a little comeback and at 11:00am, I finally packed it in $127,000 loser after a 10.5 hour session in the $4000-$8000. So on the night my final tally looked like: $400-$800 1 hour +$1,600
$2000-$4000 1 hour -$22,100
$4000-$8000 10.5 hours -$127,000 For a total of 12.5 hours and -$147,500 Not my best day at the office, but it wasn’t all that bad really. There were some big losers in that game, and 150 dimes feels like breaking even in comparison. The props make the game play ridiculously big for some people. I won’t name any names, but one player lost about $1 million in props alone in about 1.5 hours at the table. As a general rule, when talking about other people’s nightly results, well, you just won’t be hearing about it. I feel as though it’s fine for me to share my results with you all, but it would be highly inappropriate for me to divulge any information on the other players. My plan was to play again that evening, but I woke up at 6:00pm and was feeling groggy. So instead, I spent the night watching Tivo and plan on getting down there early in the morning to play with the whoever has been playing over 30 straight hours. ]]>