A Birthday Hater

I just flew back from Toronto last night and definitely should have stayed an extra two days so I could spend my birthday there. Many of my old friends are there and it seems as though my friends in Vegas are not here. Everyone is on vacation or just not in town. So, I guess the plan is going to be me practicing the golf a little bit then just vegging the rest of the day. I wanted to see Dark Knight, I hear it’s good so I may go see that later.
Being in Toronto was fun and shooting the commercials is my kind of fun. I thoroughly enjoy the film industry and working with Joseph Kahn is super easy. Guy is amazing and I love watching him direct, he has quite an amazing mind and works super fast and efficient. Being on set for two weeks reminded me once again what my childhood passion was and that I should never forget it.
In fact, my mother brought back some memories with her gift to me this year. She’s getting more creative with her gifts, no more socks and underwear, she’s been more and more thoughtful. She dug up my old baseball card collection and my old casino chip collection from my teenage years too. On top of that, she found an old picture of me and framed it. It was me at 13 when I was an extra on the film Anne of Green Gables. When I was that age I did a lot of extra work and always assumed that I would grow up to be an actor. Then poker got in the way and it’s almost 20 years later.
I guess it’s never too late to do things you love, though, and I’m going to start tapping back into that part of my brain. Doing some writing, voice over work, an any on screen stuff that I think might suit me. Failure is likely in that kind of business, but you ensure failure if you don’t even throw your hat in the ring. While I was in Toronto I stayed at the Pantages hotel and it seems like that’s the hotel most celebrities stay at when they are working in Toronto. I ran into several random celebrities every time I was in the elevator- it was pretty weird. I’d say the weirdest was the whole American Idol crew from this season. They are in town performing tonight actually. ***************************************************************** I’m still not sure what I’m going to do today. I have no plans at all. As for this week, though, I plan on trying to get my golf game back in shape for a match against Antonius. He wants to play me a 36 hole match for 200k, even, but I get a tee spot. I’m not sure how good he is getting while I’ve been gone but if I play him today I think I’d get killed. Haven’t played in weeks. From the white tees at Summerlin, though, I’m pretty consistent and don’t get in a lot of trouble. I’ll practice a couple days and then maybe try him then. We’ll see. Aside from that, I don’t really know what I’m going to do this week? I guess that’s about it…]]>