31 Hours of Poker

Gus: 5-6-x-x
Phil Ivey: As Ks-x-x The flop came down 10s 7s 4h. Ivey bet out 20,000, Gus raised the pot and I capped it off three ways for a $300,000 pot. The turn was an off suit 3 giving Gus the best hand with a straight, but the beautiful 8h hit the river giving me the nuts straight. After that pot I went on a rush of a lifetime. Not only did I get back within half a million, after 31 hours of play I ended the session down “just” $114,000. I went on a rush that saw me win $1.2 million in just a few hours. I won $598,000 the night before so all told the trip to San Diego was worth $484,000. Of course, that could have just as easily looked like -$600,000. It’s a big game to say the least, were million dollar rushes happen quite often. I’m in bed now debating my plans for tomorrow. I’ve pretty much ruled out flying to San Jose for the PPT event tomorrow. For one, I wouldn’t be well rested enough and I promised myself to only play tournaments when I