24 Left

No time for bloggin’ really. Long days, great structure, and extremely exhausting. We play 10 hours of poker a day starting at 1pm. We get a two hour dinner break and finish after 2:00am. That leaves time for room service, a bit of surfing, and trying to be asleep by 4:30am at the latest for a 12pm wake up, shower, and run to the casino. I’m worn down pretty good. Four events here in London and I’ve cashed in three of them which means long, exhausting days. Need as much sleep as possible. I’ll give you this: Chip count after each round. I already gave you the first day in a previous blog, here were my day two and day three counts: Rd 6 154k to 173k
Rd 7 296k
Rd 8 212k
Rd 9 270k
Rd 10 204k Rd 11 204k to 396k
Rd 12 411k
Rd 13 444k
Rd 14 478k
Rd 15 653k Through 15 two hour rounds of play I’ve only lost chips in two of those rounds, chipping up in 13 of the 15 rounds. Very happy with my play, but the tough part is about to begin. The players remaining are much better on average and the level of play is totally different which means the strategy must be adjusted as well. I’m not telling, though, what I’ll be up to 🙂 Good night, my bok choi just got here, time to eat. ]]>