14th in the HORSE

Patrik: (x x) Jh 7s 10s Patrik bet, I raised, he re-raised and I called, planning on raising him again on sixth street. With me having three of the nines it was highly unlikely that he held 8-9 in the hole.
Me: (9d 9s) 3c 9c Jd 4s
Patrik: (x x) Jh 7s 10s Qs Patrik bet, I raised, and he re-raised me again. At this point I put him on a hand like Js Ks in the hole, or possibly trips higher than mine. Based on the way I played my hand it seemed obvious that I had to have trips. There is just no other hand I could really have there aside from trips. I missed on the river and Patrik bet in the dark. There was a gazillion bets in the pot, but I decided to fold the hand and think it was the right decision even factoring in the pot odds I was being laid. He just couldn’t be bluffing there and I found it highly unlikely that he’d play two pair that fast against my board. After all, if I can raise a super strong board like the one he was showing, twice, then for him to bet he had to be able to beat what I was representing. My level of focus and determination is definitely there as I predicted it would be this trip. Tomorrow is the Pot Limit Omaha event and it starts a bit later which is good since I’m a bit tired from all the hours of play. Too many hours can make me a bit cranky, and I was definitely a bit cranky tonight… time fro bed. ]]>