$0.02-$0.05 Here I come!

Money won: $15.26
Money won per hand: $0.019
Bets won per hand: 97% of one bet
Win Loss Record by Session: 13-4 76.4% Hands Played/Result
69 +$1.37
76 +$4.92
20 -$3.25
25 -$2.60
61 +$2.20
18 +$0.67
25 +$0.24
64 +$1.78
46 +$0.93
76 -$3.25
43 +$1.30
33 +$0.30
47 -$0.30
65 +$2.71
60 +$2.92
49 +$4.39
9 +$0.93 This is actually way more fun than I thought it was going to be. As the idea has evolved a little bit, I’ve made some adjustments to my rules list. Here are my rules as they stand now, but they may change even more as the competition gets more competitive. I have no way of knowing when exactly that will happen: 1. I won’t move up in limits unless I have 500 big blinds for that limit. I’m starting at $0.01-$0.02 with a $10 bankroll. 2. When possible, my buy in amount will allow me 5 buy ins at that limit. For example, if I have $5 left, my buy in for the game will be $1. I’ll continue to do that until I dip below the min buy in. 3. I will play only NL cash games. I’ll try to play full ring games as much as possible. 4. NEW: If I double my bankroll in a session I’ll quit on my blind to help avoid risking too high a percentage of my bankroll in any one hand. 5. NEW: At about the $5-$10 limit I may decide to increase the number of big blinds required to move up in limits. 500 BB’s is plenty for the micro games, but could be rather short for the higher limit games with better opponents. I’ll base my decision on when to do that at my discretion. 6. NEW: I may also lower the buy in amount for the higher limit games from 1/5th of my bankroll per session to 1/10th of my bankroll per session. Again, I’ll make that decision when the time comes. 7. NEW: When the amount needed to reach the goal is less than the 1/5th of the bankroll buy in, the buy in will be equal to the amount needed to reach the goal. Example: If 1/5th of the bankroll is $4.50 but you only need $2.50 to reach the goal, the buy in for the next session will be $2.50. **************************************************************** Some observations from the micro limit games: if you can’t beat that game you have a lot to learn! I attempted probably three bluffs, one a semi-bluff with a pair, straight and flush draw, but outside of that it was just playing a decent number of hands and looking to get paid off. Playing limit hold’em for years is a great training ground for micro limit games in terms of understanding how to maximize value on your monster hands when you get them. As in, when to smooth call and let others in, when to set the trap and for how long, etc. It’s a super easy game to beat using a typical small ball approach. Meaning min-raising your entire range, lowering your continuation betting percentage significantly, and playing lots of hands with big pay off potential. The opponents are ideal for small ball, because their biggest weakness is generally calling big bets when better players would fold their hand. The one big adjustment I guess I made was in terms of bet sizing. I made it rather obvious to any good player what my hand strength was, based on my bet size. The bigger my bet, the bigger my hand. In fact, I figured the bet size was generally so insignificant to my opponents, they were either calling or folding regardless, that I decided to over bet lots of pots looking to get greedy. For example, if a pot had $0.32 in it I might just bet $0.52 if I felt like my opponent was going to call. All of the videos from these sessions will be available at www.pokervt.com soon. PokerStars doesn’t have a $0.02-$0.04 game which is why I needed to win 750 big blinds instead of 500 big blinds in order to get to the next level. The next level I’ll be trying is $0.02-0.05 with $25.26 and looking to run that up to $50 before moving to the next level. My first buy in will be $5.05 (1/5th of my bankroll) and I’ll likely start that process tomorrow evening. Come join me if you’d like. The waiting list usually fills up pretty quickly, but I’ve been playing at around 11:00pm PST most nights and will join an already existing game with about 6 or 7 players already seated. **************************************************************** LIFE: My life is just incredible and I know how lucky I am. Believe me, I know and respect how blessed I am and am very thankful for the freedom I have in my life. Lately I’ve been so happy and it’s because I’m living the life I always wanted. Today was just an awesome day all around. Aside from reaching level two of my personal challenge, I did the following: I met Christian over at TPC Summerlin in the afternoon to work on my swing path which has been a bit over the top. I’d been working on a drill to get me inside to out, but it just wasn’t happening! I was getting very frustrated and so was Christian. I could hit all of my clubs well, with the exception of my wedges. Driver and 3-wood, no problem with my swing thought being hit it out to the right, but the wedge was just a disaster and that’s my money club! I was so upset that we couldn’t get it figured out, so we decided to putt for a bit. That went ok, it’s been a while and I’m a bit rusty, but I’m not worried about my putting. If I play everyday, my putting is pretty good, especially for a high handicapper like me. Then we went to chip for a bit, and I decided to take that pesky wedge from about 40 yards and see how that went. Seemed to be going well… so, I backed up and just went for it. Ooh baby! I was hitting them well and was like a kid in a candy store- so happy! I figured out what the problem was, and it was my set up. My right shoulder needed to be adjusted and once I did that, I didn’t need to think about anything to get my path from inside to out. Wow, like an epiphany. We scrambled a couple holes to see how it worked out on the course and it wasn’t too bad. After that I putted on the practice green when I felt like I saw a ghost. Coming up #9 was a guy that I figured would be hiding out. Nope, out there playing in a foursome, not a care in the world. I didn’t say anything to him as he drove by in his cart, but apparently he’s been at the course the last few days. I don’t even know that I need to mention his name, if you put two and two together this is an easy one. A lot of online poker players would be interested to know that he’s out there. One of his buddies called him NioNio, another called him Paddle something, etc. His golf bag had about 60 different aliases on it and he seemed to know which way every putt broke without even bothering to read the green. He never missed one putt ever and he used a different putter every couple holes, it almost felt like he was cheating! LOL, OK, that was just me having a little fun, but yeah, I did see that guy there. It was just so odd to me. *** After golf I came home, ran two miles and did a solid workout. It feels so good! I don’t have my personal trainer yet, I think she comes on Monday, but I couldn’t wait. Tomorrow, more work on the golf game…