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#3631141 Pocket 9S Facing 3-Bet Preflop

Posted mskeadas on 20 November 2013 - 06:55 AM

Live mtt, 30 minute levels

My image had been super tight but about 15 minutes before forced to show A4 suited calling an all in after a cutoff raise, people acted surprised. I had 3-bet pre 3 times in two hours, once showing aces others no showdown.

Small blind fairly active player, taking advantage of his old guy persona by opening light.

My stack 107k, villain 75k

Blinds 500/2000/4000

I open to 10,500 in MP2 with 99

Folds to small blind who raises to 30k

Pros and cons of folding, flattng and jamming?

#2225845 Free Throws In 30 Min. Update!

Posted mskeadas on 30 October 2007 - 11:32 PM

Well, I couldn't post my predictions because of all the action I had on the bet, but here are the results:383 made in 30 minutes, with 4 one minute breaks. My highest number bet on was 280, so the breaks were planned knowing I had plenty of time.By far the most surprising result was that my accuracy actually went UP as time went on!!!I was 78% in the first ten minutes, 80% in the second, and 83% in the third! I was as surprised as anyone by this.I was actually nervous early on (there was a lot of money riding on it), which accounts for the early inaccuracy, but finishing strong was not part of the plan. If I had to get over 400 I think I would, with maybe two or three 30 second breaks. So there it is! Thanks for all of your input, hope you enjoyed!

#3554105 Hellmuth Hand

Posted DanielNegreanu on 29 May 2012 - 12:20 AM

Hellmuth Hits a Four.Posted 18 minutes ago by MrCleverFox An under the gun player raised to 1,600. Phil Hellmuth called from under the gun + 2, and a player in middle position reraised over the top for 6,000. Action folded back to the under the gun raiser, who folded. Hellmuth quickly called the extra 4,400.Hellmuth was holding 44 and his opponent had .JJ It wasn't looking good for Hellmuth until the flop fell ."Diamond me," Hellmuth asked the dealer. And the dealer obliged with the on the turn.The river was a brick though, , and Hellmuth scooped the pot.Chip CountsPhil Hellmuth 30,000 16,000 Tags: Phil Hellmuth.Read more: http://www.pokernews...imit-hold-em/If this hand is accurate then I have no idea what in the world PH is thinking. Wow