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The Unmentionables Over Keilbasy Posse

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Posted 16 July 2006 - 10:01 AM

Winning Team: The UnmentionablesLosing Team: Keilbasy PosseWinning Player: NaismithLosing Player: Sam_Hard80Time: 45 minutesHoly horrible poker, everyone. This was one of the worst played games I have ever seen on both sides.Early on, I flopped top pair on a three flush board and bet it down. The river was the fourth of the suit and he inexplicably checked the nut flush to me, letting me check behind. He took an early lead there.After a few hands, I realized he was playing extremely passively. At one point I won 12 hands in a row and decided to bet at every thing. I won 28 out of 29 hands with only one showdown. I think the best hand along the way was something in the 10-high area. After that, I won 15 out of 16 hands without a showdown. I won 10 in a row without a showdown. In all of this, he didn't raise once or reraise over the top once. He finally pushed all in over the top when I had a 2590-410 chip lead. I called with Q3 and he had Q4. He flopped a 4 and doubled up. He started to get a little more aggressive here, which wasn't difficult and then I did something horribly, horribly, utterly, tremendously, grievously stupid. Despite his complete lack of aggression all game and despite my telling myself to be careful if he suddenly found the raise button, I flopped middle pair and called his all in reraise when he slowplayed AA. It was moronic and my dog looked away in shame.I decided to shift gears after getting caught twice...another stupid move since I had run over him playing aggressively...and he built a big chip lead. I doubled through when he called my all in and I flopped two pair. When the blinds went to 25-50, nothing exciting happened for a while on my end. I flopped two pair with 8-3 and he called me down with a gutshot for some reason and called my big river bet when he hit a pair.The ending was ugly and befitting this horrible game. I raised with A8. He pushed. I called. He had 66. I flopped top pair. Thankfully the game was put out of its misery.Sam, I hope we can play each other at some point in the future and not embarrass the game of poker like we did today. :club:

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