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Unmentionables Vs Kings Match Report

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 10:21 AM

From my perspective...I took an early lead when I raised with 67 suited. The flop was 10-2-3. I bet, he called. The turn was a 9. We checked. The river was a 4. He bet 40. I made it 300 and he folded. The very next hand, I picked up tens, raised preflop and then decided to slowplay them since he seemed aggressive when checked to. I won a decent pot with A10 vs J3 where I paired the turn and he called me down. Finally, I took my biggest early lead when I rivered a flush after he slowplayed top pair on the flop.I was up 2385 to 615 at that point.He stayed around that point for a while and then caught a Q on the river while chasing a gutshot (with Q8) to beat my pair of tens which I caught on the turn while chasing a gutshot (10-8). That started his comeback. He was picking up a lot of little pots and I was fairly sure he was bluffing quite a bit, but I was trying to trap him. Basically, I was playing horribly and weak. I got extremely lucky on a hand where we both limped, me with 4-4. The flop was 5-5-2. I check-raised him on the flop and then checked the turn and made a small bet on the river. He surprised me with 10-10. I was willing to get it all in on that flop.This hand put him in the lead and put me majorly on tilt. A word of caution for the weak-hearted if you don't like to see horrible poker:Seat 2: Naismith0 ($1,590 in chips)Seat 4: Oziumrules0 ($1,410 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSOziumrules0 posts blind ($15), Naismith0 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPOziumrules0 bets $45, Naismith0 bets $200, Oziumrules0 calls $170.FLOP [board cards QC,8S,7S ]Naismith0 checks, Oziumrules0 checks.TURN [board cards QC,8S,7S,4S ]Naismith0 checks, Oziumrules0 checks.RIVER [board cards QC,8S,7S,4S,JC ]Naismith0 checks, Oziumrules0 bets $150, Naismith0 calls $150.SHOWDOWNOziumrules0 shows [ 10C,JD ]Naismith0 mucks cards [ AD,10D ]Oziumrules0 wins $760.I was definitely on tilt after playing that so horribly and he had his first chip lead. I continuously killed myself by not continuation betting and he had me down to 2465-535.At my lowest chip point, I had KJ and the flop was KQ8. Normally, I bet everything, but I picked up that it was profitable to slowplay against Ozium since he bets frequently. We both checked the flop, which worried me a little since he doesn't check very often when checked to. The turn was a 5. I bet 60, he called. The river was a J giving me two pair. I bet 125, he minraised and I pushed. He called with K8.I continued to shoot myself in the foot by not betting, letting him catch cards to beat me and he grinded me back down to 780. With chip stacks at about 2:1 for him, I limped with 10-10. He raised with AJ and I pushed all in. He called and I won the race. He fought back and took the lead and I see no substantial hands, so I'm going to assume it was by just being better than me. He was taking three out of every four pots by betting. I almost stuck it all in on the following hand:Seat 2: Naismith0 ($1,610 in chips)Seat 4: Oziumrules0 ($1,390 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSOziumrules0 posts blind ($25), Naismith0 posts blind ($50).PRE-FLOPOziumrules0 calls $25, Naismith0 checks.FLOP [board cards 9H,9D,3H ]Naismith0 checks, Oziumrules0 bets $50, Naismith0 calls $50.TURN [board cards 9H,9D,3H,QS ]Naismith0 bets $100, Oziumrules0 calls $100.RIVER [board cards 9H,9D,3H,QS,QH ]Naismith0 bets $250, Oziumrules0 calls $250.SHOWDOWNNaismith0 shows [ 5H,9C ]Oziumrules0 mucks cards [ KH,7H ]Naismith0 wins $900.I rarely ever check flopped trips, but I was checking more to Ozium than I usually do. I was positive he hit his flush, but I wasn't sure if he would call an all in. It was close, though.The very next hand ended it:Seat 2: Naismith0 ($2,060 in chips)Seat 4: Oziumrules0 ($940 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSNaismith0 posts blind ($25), Oziumrules0 posts blind ($50).PRE-FLOPNaismith0 calls $25, Oziumrules0 checks.FLOP [board cards 2D,5C,6C ]Oziumrules0 bets $100, Naismith0 bets $2,010 and is all-in, Oziumrules0 calls $790 and is all-in.TURN [board cards 2D,5C,6C,3S ]RIVER [board cards 2D,5C,6C,3S,QH ]SHOWDOWNNaismith0 shows [ 6H,4D ]Oziumrules0 shows [ 2S,5S ]Naismith0 wins $1,120, Naismith0 wins $1,880.I'm sure I'm not listing all the hands that he thought were significant. After I gave up my lead, he controlled the game. I caught some cards in the end and that was the difference.

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