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5150's Over Bayside

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Posted 21 May 2006 - 12:20 PM

Winning Team: 5150'sWinning Player: Theraflew (4-0 baby)Losing Team: BaysideLosing Player: Jbradburn6Time of match: 18 minutes. Good match all the way around, well played by both. Wasn't more than a 100 chip lead for the first 10-15 hands, then i hit a couple flops and won some key pots. then this hand occured: Seat 1: JBradburn6 ($1,410 in chips) Seat 10: Theraflew ($1,590 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSJBradburn6 posts blind ($10), Theraflew posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPJBradburn6 bets $50, Theraflew calls $40.FLOP [board cards QS,9H,4S ]Theraflew checks, JBradburn6 bets $80, Theraflew bets $200, JBradburn6 calls $120.TURN [board cards QS,9H,4S,AD ]Theraflew bets $200, JBradburn6 calls $200.RIVER [board cards QS,9H,4S,AD,8H ]Theraflew bets $200, JBradburn6 calls $200.SHOWDOWNTheraflew shows [ QC,5H ]JBradburn6 shows [ KD,QD ]JBradburn6 wins $1,320. After that i tightened up a little bit, and was thankful that bradburn didnt switch gears and punish me. I was down 2-1 in chips when this hand occured, and i think this changed the match.Seat 1: JBradburn6 ($1,920 in chips) Seat 10: Theraflew ($1,080 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSTheraflew posts blind ($10), JBradburn6 posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPTheraflew bets $50, JBradburn6 calls $40.FLOP [board cards 2S,KS,QD ]JBradburn6 bets $80, Theraflew calls $80.TURN [board cards 2S,KS,QD,6D ]JBradburn6 bets $100, Theraflew calls $100.RIVER [board cards 2S,KS,QD,6D,7S ]JBradburn6 checks, Theraflew bets $200, JBradburn6 folds. I had 9-10 diamonds here, but my calling came off kind of strong and the flush hit on the river, so i made a sneaky bet, hoping to win it. Bradburn, have a queen there? If i lose that hand im down to 600 and hurting, but it got me pretty close to even. A few hands later i had AQ, he had 10-10, i raised, he reraised, i just called. A-4-4 flop, he threw a bet out but i raised and he had to lay it down.Last hand: Theraflew posts blind ($15), JBradburn6 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPTheraflew bets $75, JBradburn6 bets $300, Theraflew bets $1,100, JBradburn6 bets $1,000 and is all-in, Theraflew calls $140.FLOP [board cards 6D,10S,10D ]TURN [board cards 6D,10S,10D,7H ]RIVER [board cards 6D,10S,10D,7H,QH ]SHOWDOWNJBradburn6 shows [ QS,AC ]Theraflew shows [ KS,KD ]Theraflew wins $2,660.I think he overplayed his AQ there, i hadnt reraised more than once preflop, especially with such a big overbet, and chips were even enough that i dont think he needed to push here, maybe see a flop and figure out he if can get away from it.Good game overall, the division is property of the 5150's.
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Posted 21 May 2006 - 12:58 PM

Yeah I had Q5 on that one hand, didn't think you would be calling me on the flop and turn with a hand that I could beat, nice bet.Last hand I overplayed the AQ, I had seen you raise preflop a couple of times with hands like 9 10, so I tried to pick up the pot after your first raise with my reraise. After you came over the top I probably should have laid it down, but with 33% of my stack out there already I decided to go with it.Division's still up for grabs my friend.

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