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No Limit Hold'em Forum Posting Guidelines

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No Limit Texas Hold'Em The section of the forum is specifically for strategy questions relating to, or specific hands from full ring or short handed no limit hold'em from all stakes. This form is for cash games. Any NL tournament or sit n go hands should be posted in the Tournament Play forum.Posting Hands In order to receive feedback from others regarding questions pertaining to specific hands, we ask the you follow a couple simple rules: 1. Convert Your Hands Several websites provide programs that will convert your hand from the raw hand history provided by the poker software into a clearer, more appealing layout. All you have to do is copy the raw hand history text and paste it into the input section, make sure the output format is set to "FCP", press the convert button, and copy and paste the output into your post here. We recommend the following sites: Bad Beats and Good Vibes Hand Converter: http://www.neildewhurst.com/hand-converter

Supports: Pokerroom (and skins), Party Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Prima Poker, Paradise Poker, Ultimate Bet, Cryptologic, Full Tilt Poker

Flop, Turn, River Hand Converter: http://poker-tools.flopturnriver.com/Hand-Converter.php

Supports: Party Poker, PokerStars

Note: From time to time poker sites will change their HH format, the converting sites will go down, or you will come across a hand from a site that is not yet compatible with the converters. If this should happen, please take a few minutes to manually convert the hands from the raw HH to a more friendly format, including information such as number of players in the pot, pot size, stack sizes for NL/PL and please replace the screennames with positions.1a. One Hand Per ThreadPlease limit each thread to discussion about one particular hand in order to focus the discussion. Don't be afraid to create as many threads as you need, with a different hand in each thread.2. Do Not Include ResultsYou did not know what the other person had at the time of playing the hand, so there's no reason that we should know them. Essentially, posting results influences the way posters reply, whether they know it or not, and it encourages results-based thinking, which is the opposite of what we should be doing. 3. Additional InformationBe sure to include anything that you knew of at the time of playing the hand. For example, any reads or notes you have on the important players, including any PokerTracker stats that you may have. With respect to PT stats, we use the layout VP$IP/PFR/AF/Hands (Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot/Preflop Raise %/Aggression Factor/Number of Hands). For more information relating to PokerTracker, please visit this thread or check the forums at http://pokertracker.com. 4. Descriptive Post TitleAlthough this won't be strictly enforced, I feel it would be quite helpful if the titles of posts for specific hands be titled including certain information. Specifically, please include stakes, site, and a brief description of the hand/decision. Ie. "AA facing river raise - 200NL on PokerStars"What Not to Post

  • Please do not post very general questions. Since poker is such a situational game, asking something like "what do you do with JJ preflop?" is not going to get you anywhere.
  • Please do not post bad beats in the strategy forum, they belong in the Bad Beat Forum.
  • Please do not make brag posts with no strategic content.
  • Please do not post hands just because you thought they were funny, or because there was a big pot, etc. Again, we're looking for strategic content.


Thank you for following these rules and helping keep the FCP Strategy Forums clean, and helpful to those who are looking to improve their game.- Zach

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