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Yuuuuuuuuck, I Hate Making These Kinds Of Folds, Esp Against This Opponent

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http://www.pokerhand.org/?742726If anyone has any experience playing against Hosse, let me know what you think.In my notes, I know he is a very stubborn and also he reraises preflop very liberally with hands like AJ24s and so on, even out of position.Would he really donk push with A3ss? I really doubt it. Why wouldn't he go for a checkraise?I was so close to calling because I felt he could really do it with the bare As + maybe a low draw, in which case I would be good for high and he would be behind.And anyways, I'm getting better than 2-to-1, I should call even if I'm 35%.Ugghhhhhhhhh.One thought that swayed me was that he is more likely to repop with suited aces, so the probability that he is doing the naked ace bluff is lower.Uggghhhhhhhhh x2.Anybody think I made a bad fold?Aseem
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You made a very good fold. In fact I think you played it perfectly except for the re-re-raise (I would have flat called with position on this player). Given that he is a very good player and that he is in the small blind, there is a very good (>70%) chance that he has AA too, although he may have something like A23K etc - and so there is a very high probablility (>50%) that he has at least the A spades and as you only have one spade, he may well be suited. When you re-re-raise you tell him you have AA - and it makes the hand much easier for him to play. If you flat call then you represent a position open raise with a much wider range of hands - and this player is certainly smart enough to realise that. That way you can probably take it off him if a ragged board comes on the flop, rather than just splitting if he puts you on Aces.

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