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  1. LOL jammaments. Folding this against a LAG (even if he is a skillful LAG) would be just spewing $$.
  2. Checky is spot on...this is why pot limit triple draw is often a race to get pat first. If people bet correctly, you cant draw to ~6 outers. It's pat or fold here, and its pretty opponent dependent. If you opponent is tight and wouldnt shove before the last draw with a 9, then its a fold.
  3. Preflop raise...yeah maybe...but I dont mind a call here either.Now if you raised preflop, this would make the flop cold-call a lot more justified. Here it's pretty marginal. That raise could very well signify top and bottom pair is behind...so you can probably only give you 2 outs there max if youre behind. And since there are 2 low cards out...not all your flush outs can scoop. You effectively have a 5.5 outer FD (2456 or 8 gives you half, 7 probably nothin). This is a good place to fold if you dont think all your outs are live...and I dont think they are, so you would have 7.5 outs m
  4. If you are calling preflop, you probably should check/fold flop or do what cham said....anything but check/call. I like the argment about folding preflop too. You may flop decent occasionally, but never strong...and you're in a bad position.
  5. Well then you lied to us about him being a good player. A good player wouldn't be 6-betting this hand.
  6. Well said. i wouldn't re-raise again until you improve if this guy is solid like you say. A good read would probably get you to just call the 4 bet. He isn't 4 betting without the low here, but as you said you thought you had a strong freeroll, so 5 betting isnt terrible, but his 6 bet is telling you you are behind to A23, 237, nut low + nut flush draw, etc.
  7. Well, the sklansky article just shows the math behind getting a 2 card 7 if you start with 237...and never keep an 8. Teaches you nothing about how the game is played...just points out that getting 7s isnt too easy.I posted a more detailed post here on the math behind this when you also kept 8's when you drew them...much more realistic.It's more detailed than Sklansky, so if you follow it, you'll learn more from it than reading that article.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=96715Now for a real 2-7 TD must read. Read mark gritter's article about patting weaker hands in va
  8. Agreed...but he said villain 2 is the biggest fish at the table. And he bet it...so 4x44 is possible against a stud8 idiot. If you are going to fold it though, now is the time. Tough spot.OTOH, villain 2 had to cold-call a complete, so 4x4 should be fairly unlikely. So raise/folding might be better here.
  9. I might have completed third...but with all the low cards showing, this could weaken your hand a bit and this isnt a bad multiway hand anyway. As for 5th, the call for the low draw might be light, but your opponents are playing so weak, I think you still have some scooping potential. I dont believe the bettor has trips.
  10. Well, the 2007 National Heads Up Poker championship is in HD at the moment. It's better than watching it in normal definition. Better Picture. Is it that big of a deal? No.
  11. Unless I am reading this wrong, you are last to act on 4th. So checking gives a free card...which is hardly ever correct in a split pot game. Probably never correct in a limit split-pot game. Ace high showing should act first here right?If you would somehow be first to act on 4th, I would have definitely check-raised 4th given the opponents boards, I would have expected the opponent to bet.
  12. Well the math for 1 card draws is fairly straight forward. probability of hitting for three draws is just: 1 - (#outs/#unknown cards at first draw)(#outs/#unknown cards at 2nd draw)(#outs/#unknown cards at 3rd draw)an expansion of the 4/2 rule for outs in hold 'em for triple draw is:5.5/4/2 so if you have an 8 outer with all 3 draws remaining, you are ~44% to hit it by the end. With 2 draws: ~32%. With 1 draw: ~16%Now drawing multiple cards...this gets more confusing for math, so there arent any simple rules here.lets say you have a smooth 2-card 7 draw with two high cards in your hand
  13. Bet out. Don't give low draws free cards. Get money in as the favorite. Might be betting this betting this in stud high on 4th too, betting it at this limit from the bring-in, they'll just think you have a pair of queens. The rest of the hand looks alright.
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