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Do I Need To Be 21 For Ftp?

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hi, my question is fairly simple for the wise and knowledgable people of this forum: if i want to play real money on full tilt do i need to be 21? i have friends who arent 21 and play real money and i know people who have accounts and stick to play money on full tilt, but i know on the registration page it asks you to check a box "i am at least 21 years old" - whats the deal with this? i was going ot wait until may when i turn 21 to make a FTP account but with the recent closures i need some advice as to if ftp is a viable choice for me. thanks, alexps - it may go unnoticed for some low limit players like my friend who isnt 21 but lets say i win 5k in a tourney...will they look into if im 21 or not - help is apprecaited ASAP as the weeekend is fast approaching. thanks

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