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Quick Question For Daniel

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Just kidding. I've been hanging around reading Daniel's blogs and the FCP poker forum for about two years now, I just never bothered to sign up and post anything myself. But I am stuck at work on a Sunday and got bored waiting for a client to call, so now seemed like as good a time as any to post my Vegas trip report. This was my first trip to Vegas, so I was pretty excited. This is a long post, but I promise not to ever hit the new topic button again.Myself and a couple of buddies flew out to Vegas the night before the first event. We got off to a pretty ominous start. Our flight looked like it was going to get canceled due to terrible weather, but we ended up being the last flight out of DC. Then, after checking in at Paris, we went to the Rio to sign up for the first event. We waited in line for 45 minutes only to find out that the first event was sold out. We decided to sign up for the $1.5K PL Holdem event on Wednesday instead, along with the $2K NL Holden event on Saturday. We then watched Daniel play Mike Sexton heads up in the TOC until about 4 am before deciding that match was never going to end. I had a pretty good run in the cash games the first couple of days, was up about $2.5K the first couple of days playing $2/$5 NL, but dropped most of that at a couple of strip clubs B).I sat down at my table for the PL event and I had Fischman to my immediate left and Chan three to my left. It could have been worse I guess, one of my buddies had the Grinder and Lederer to his left (and the Grinder doubled up on the first hand with KK v. 88 on an 7-high flop). Good times. I lasted 3 hours and was card dead the entire time (I had AJ twice and no PP's). I probably only played 7 hands, 3 of which were from the BB when I was getting 5 or 6 to 1 to call with semi connected cards. I flopped trips two of those three times, but didn't get paid at all (checked around on the flop, I bet the turn, everyone folded). Finally the only hand of note for me in this tournament. Towards the end of level 3 it folded to me in the cutoff and I raised 3x the BB with AsJs. Fischman called from the button, and Chan called from the BB. Flop was KsJc3c. Checked around. Turn was 6s. Chan checked. I figured I probably had the best hand (I couldn't see Chan checking a king or better twice on that board, and Fischman had shown no strength), so I bet about 2/3rds of the pot. Fischman folded and Chan moved all-in for 400 more. I had Chan covered by about 300 and made the call. Chan had Kc7c. River bricked and I was down to about 300. More than doubled up once to about 650 and then I was all-in a few hands later with KdQd, Fischman called after limping with As2s, and he won the pot with a pair of 2's.I lasted until after the dinner break in the $2K event. Started off slow and was down to $1.4K after the first level, but over the course of the second and third levels I picked up a few big pots. I raised 4x the BB UTG with 9c9s, and only the SB called. Flop was 6s4s2d. SB bet 250, I moved all-in for about 850 more, and he called with AsKs. Brick, brick and I doubled up. A few hands later I knocked a guy out and almost doubled up in the process with AA v. QQ all-in preflop. Finally, I won a pretty big pot when I called a raise in position with QdJd. Flop was A-10-x. Check-check. Turn was a K. Check, I bet about 2/3rds of the pot, he called. River was a K. He bet, I called, he mucked immediately. Around this time John D'Agostino was moved to my table and sat at my immediate left with about $15K in chips. I only played one significant hand with him (he was playing pretty tight), and I know I totally over played my hand, but I was sure he me pegged as a tight player, so I thought unless he had a huge hand he could/would not call me. Blinds were 100/200, UTG limped, I limped with 10s10x in second position, Dags limped, button limped, SB called, and BB checked. Flop was 8s6s3c. Checked to me, I bet 900, Dags raised to 2.2K, and it folded to me. I was worried about a set since Dags raised me with 4 players behind him, but I didn't want to play the hand out of position with so many scare cards that could come on the turn or the river, so I moved all-in. He debated for about 3 or 4 minutes before folding. He said he had As8x, and he put me on a monster drawing hand. e.g., 9s7s. I didn't play many more hands before the dinner break. Got picked off on a bluff, and then on the last hand before the break I was in a battle of the blinds with Dags. Blinds were 200/400 and I limped from the SB with Js8s, Dags checked. Flop was 9s7x4x. Check-check. Turn was 2s. I bet 800, Dags called. River was 4x. I bet 1600 and Dags called with A-10. Ouch. I had around 8200 at the dinner break. I lasted 2 more hands. First hand a new player raised to 2K UTG and I was in late position with 99. I decided to fold. I didn't want to flat call, and I thought at best I was in a race and he was going to call if I moved in, so I decided to wait. The next hand I have KK in late position. Guy in middle position raises to 1.4K, and I get greedy and re-raise to 4.4K rather than move all-in. He debates for a while (even asking me how much I have left behind) and calls. Flop is A-J-7. He moves all-in immediately (I don't even think the 3rd card on the flop was exposed before he moved in). I had 3.8K left so I could fold. I debate for a while and decide that his all-in was way too quick and he has a hand like QQ and is representing the ace. I call. I couldn't have been farther off, he has AJ and I am out. A buddy of mine did finish in the top 40 though, so at least I made back my entry fee via my interest in him.Sorry for the lengthy post, but you probably won't hear from me again for a while, so flame away :PAs a side note, congratulations to Rhett Butler who took 5th place in the Main Event. I've played with Rhett a number of times in a home game and in local tournaments, a real nice guy. It's going to be tough to bluff him out of a pot now though :club:

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