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How Do I Get Started?

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Could somebody help me with how I should write a proposal letter to my localcard room to start spreading a stud/8 game (or any other game for that matter).Here are some details that might be helpful:We are not concerned with any bad beat jackpots, as most of the players with bethe same regulars and just wish to play the game.The card room only spreads Hold 'em, but two days out of the week, they have$4/$8 Omaha/8 w/ half kill. One day is right after a mixed game tournament andthe other is a Friday. Only the same people play the Omaha game, as I am one ofthem.So, I would be only hoping for them to spread it just one day out of the week,and for the same stakes as the Omaha game.Also, I know can get a decent sized list of players to sign a petition to offerit there, but I just need to know how to get started.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.--Patrick(I have also cross-posted this message on RGP.)

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They wont do it for multiple reasons:1- Players: wont be enough for regular game2- Dealers: extra training and rules to know etc3- Profits: Game goes slower-> less pots-> less rake

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