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5150's Over Hoosier's Heros

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Winning Team: 5150'sWinning Player: TheraflewLosing Team: Hoosier's HeroesLosing Player: HoosierAlum0Time of match: 10 minutesShort match, lots of mildly interesting hands. Hoosier started off ahead, first key hand i have k9, hoosier raised preflop on button, i called. flop is something like k-j-10, i check/call, turn is a blank, i check/call, river is an ace, i bet about 1/3 of the pot representing the straight, he lays it down and says i had him anyways. I didnt lose the chip lead after that.next key hand, i pick up AK on the button for 4th time, he folded every other time i raised so i limp, he raises from sb with aq. flop is something like 4-6-7, check/check, turn is a king, he bets, i call. river is a 5, he checks, and i probably should have checked b/c it would have been a good spot to trap with how i'd been betting rivers, but i put out another 1/3ish pot bet and he folds. final hand, i have 88, hoosier limps from button, i raise to 80, he calls. flop is 2-6-7, i bet 100, hoosier calls. turn is a 3, he checks, i bet 200, he raises to 440, i call. river is a king, he goes all in for 600, about half of my remaining stack, i think about it, cant put him on a hand that beats me, and make what he thinks is a weak call, he turns over 9-2 and i win.5-0, mcpickl you're next, for the conference lead.

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