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The Bomb, Fo' Shizzle........

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"For enjoyment I like to shoot some hoops/But not until I eat all my Fruit Loops."Classic.Anybody who has a mullet AND raps...how is that not marketable. Why haven't we heard more from this guy. Business in the front, party in the back....biatch.

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I like the shirtless shots. Why a guy in that bad of shape feels he needs to show it off....probably because he is not from the projects, and can't write million dollar checks.
Well he don't do no drugs and he's not on crack so...... an explanation is definately lacking. I love the "I don't see the problem with a rapper who's white (Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark). We're all just fightin' for our equal rights." Yea, poor old average white America... always trying to catch a break.
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