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  1. Well the link was broken, but thanks be to the Almighty of Your Choosing that brv posted the bloodninja stuff. Rhinos don't play games.
  2. The best part about this is that it happened at a Waffle House."Thought I was gonna get me an All-Star."
  3. Hey! Fuzzy Zoeller's from my neck of the woods. And boy do we hate us some black people around here. We hate 'em hard.Let it be known we have no issues with chicken, fried or otherwise.
  4. No.There, I could have saved this author what was presumably hours of research and typing. I also saved many of you the time it would have taken to read this. "PE" doesn't matter unless you're a woman. Which I'm not. You guys don't complain about "PE" when it's just movie, popcorn and head night now do you? Oh, since we're inside you we have to all of a sudden "last a while?" Guess what? Vag > mouth every time. How about when you go in the first five minutes? Don't hear any of us men whining about that now do you? No. We take one for the team, soldier on and fight the good fight
  5. I'm confused, then, how your life is not complete.
  6. Not only is it a word, it's a lifestyle.
  7. Apparently I'm a cereal purist.
  8. For the last three years I have used that line at every given opportunity which, unfortunately, has been like 3 times. When asked about where I heard that, I gave you credit the first time and my friends didn't understand the wonderful world of FCP, much less that I was quoting a dude named "Wang" (I left out the "Shimmering" part). After that I pretty much told people I made it up and haven't had any argument. Excuse the incorrect version of "capital" earlier. I'm married and have a kid so 1:30 am is when my body somehow functions without assistance from the better parts of my brain.
  9. I tried this. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, I forgot to use my "inside voice." She was mad at me for not really having candy after.
  10. F.uck the towel, steal their wallet leaving them sticky, alone, and without capitol. Someone wise said that once.
  11. I can't believe this was overlooked. Classic.
  12. She's even funny in commercials.
  13. "I like puming iron. And pumping furniture [dramatic pause] into people's homes."Excellent direction. Fine print on the website says they are welcome, but get charged an extra 10%.
  14. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not saying I can't gay it up again. I've only been back a day.
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