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flashback to this year's wsop coverage

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A good friend of mine just started playing poker about a year ago. He asked me to teach him about the game and I happily obliged. He called me tonight to discuss a tournament he played in. While discussing one hand, the following conversation took place. Him: Middle position raised my blind to 300 and I had cowboys.Me: You had what?!?Him: Cowboys, pocket kings.Me: I know what they are, just don't call them cowobys.Him: Why not?Me: I don't know, it just annoys me. It was at this point I remembered Adam Shoenfeld during the WSOP talking about how he hated nicknames for hands, and I realized that I couldn't agree more. Anyone else out there share the hatred for hand nicknames?The only one that I get a chuckle out of, is Siegfried and Roy (QQ).

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