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the joy of bad players.

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Hand #4375922-1 at SnG-0016p (No Limit Hold'em Sit and Go)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 10/Feb/05 19:20:54 JUNEBUG2 is at seat 0 with 1000. bethturk333 is at seat 1 with 1000. TourneyChamp is at seat 2 with 1000. P12Pistol is at seat 3 with 1000. Trono is at seat 4 with 1000. SWE13 is at seat 5 with 1000. vtrayray is at seat 6 with 1000. motown2250 is at seat 7 with 1000. NewDayRising is at seat 8 with 1000. love540 is at seat 9 with 1000. The button is at seat 8. love540 posts the small blind of 5. JUNEBUG2 posts the big blind of 10. JUNEBUG2: -- -- bethturk333: -- -- TourneyChamp: -- -- P12Pistol: -- -- Trono: Js 8d SWE13: -- -- vtrayray: -- -- motown2250: -- -- NewDayRising: -- -- love540: -- --Pre-flop: bethturk333 folds. TourneyChamp calls. P12Pistol folds. Trono calls. SWE13 folds. vtrayray folds. motown2250 calls. NewDayRising folds. love540 folds. JUNEBUG2 raises to 20. TourneyChamp calls. Trono calls. motown2250 calls. Flop (board: 8h 5s Jh): JUNEBUG2 bets 85. TourneyChamp folds. Trono raises to 300. motown2250 folds. JUNEBUG2 calls. Turn (board: 8h 5s Jh Jc): JUNEBUG2 goes all-in for 680. Trono goes all-in for 680. Tournament all-in showdown -- players show: JUNEBUG2 shows Ks Ah. Trono shows Js 8d. River (board: 8h 5s Jh Jc Qc): (no action in this round) Showdown: JUNEBUG2 has Ks Ah Jh Jc Qc: a pair of jacks. Trono has Js 8d 8h Jh Jc: full house, jacks full of eights. Hand #4375922-1 Summary: No rake is taken for this hand. Trono wins 2045 with full house, jacks full of eights.----------------------------------------------------------------

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