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Hi again everyone. I'm fairly new to the whole process of keeping track of my poker results and I have a question. I'm currently using Poker Analyst at cardplayer.com. My question is this:Right now I'm multi-tabling 2/4 on Party Poker, four tables at once. So if I start at 5pm on four tables and go to 9pm, that's 4 hours. But when I'm entering my results into Poker Analyst, I do it like this:Table 1 - 8/17/05 5:00pmParty Poker 2/44 hours+$70Table 2 8/17/05 5:00pmParty Poker 2/44 hours+$4.50Table 3 8/17/05 5:00pmParty Poker 2/44 hours-$10Table 4 8/17/05 5:00pmParty Poker 2/44 hours+$16So when I'm all done entering that information, Poker Analyst thinks that I've played for a total of 16 hours and won $80.50. But I'm wondering if that's negatively affecting my hourly rate since I was really only playing for 4 hours. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing this right or should I just be entering it as one 4 hour session with a profit of $80.50? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Ivica

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hourly rate was a stat invented for casino play. It'd make more sense using Big Bets per 100 hands as a gauge of how fast you're making money online.The way you entered the stats it is calculating hourly rate as if you played one table and then moved onto the next, instead of 4 at once.I don't know what cardanalyst does, but Pokertracker is a really good tool, worth the money, and has a very simple process of importing hand histories to keep track of among other things, your earnings.

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