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  1. Anyone else still alive?We are in the money now, I'm 32nd out of 93 left with 34,657.
  2. I've got 20,170 at the 2nd break, 34th out of 276 remaining.Peace and good luck to all remaining FCPers.
  3. LOL, some dummy just handed me another 6000 or so, up around 20,000.
  4. I was actually chip leader for a few glorious minutes, have to settle for 6th place at the break with 14, 325.This one started the whole current upswing:I've got Qh8h in the big blind and with 2 limpers the SB completes, and I'm like "Yes, they're gonna let me see a flop with this hand..."Flop - 7h 6h 4s, I bet 100 into 200 chip pot, all 3 of them call.Turn - 5h (!), I bet 200 into 600 chip pot, only 2 callers this time.River - Js, I bet 500 into 1200 pot, both of them call with K8 straights.Anyway, good luck to the rest of the crew, hopefully I'll see most of you at the final table if I'm luc
  5. I'm in as Typical_Cat. Good luck to all.
  6. I'm out in 196th, good luck to the rest of y'all.Peace
  7. I just thought of this board, sorry for the late post. I'm still in but I just donked off about half my chips 2 or 3 hands ago. Still got 2540 but the blinds are 200/400, so I'm in like 290th place out of 324. Gotta try to double up.Anybody else still alive?LOL, just as I finish my previous post, I find AsKc and move it in from the cutoff, limper instantly calls me with JJ.Rag, Rag, Rag, Rag...Ah on the river.So I'm doing a little better now.By the way my name on Full Tilt is Typical_Cat.Last time I played I finished 51st and appreciated all the railbird support.Peace
  8. Congrats on the cash Jeetorius, I was out right after you at 51st.Good game.By the way, thanks to King_Tanner for the support in the chat box.Peace
  9. I'm in as Typical_Cat, good luck to you sir.
  10. Nice conjunction here, you streamlined two words and created an entirely new one. I gotta remember to use this more efficient method from now on.Allahu Akbar
  11. I highly recommend Dan Harrington's second book:Harrington on Hold'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments: Endgame, 2<< He’s also included a whole chapter on heads-up play, whose strategies up to now have been a closely-guarded secret of the game’s top masters. >>http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=booksThe only part I had the time to read at the bookstore was his dissection of Phil Ivey's heads up match with John D'agostino as the final two players at Turning Stone, the first ever live final table televised on FSN. But that part was very good and insig
  12. FCP has them, very cool. However, small problem. I want to play 3 handed with a couple friends and one of them can never get onto the same server as the other two.Any suggestions? We emailed FCP support and they told him to just keep signing in and out until he finally hit our server. But it doesn't seem to be working.What about other sites?We try to play on the Full Tilt play money tables also but random people keep joining in and it's annoying when we are trying to play just the three of us.Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Starting from the far left and working clockwise, here's my best guess:-Lyle Berman (WPT founder)-Chip Reese-random hot chick railbirding?-Bobby Baldwin (not sure if he's allowed to play if he's the President of the Bellagio, but maybe it's just for the sake of art)-Doyle Brunson-Chau Giang-dealerSound good?
  14. Anyone know why 9 and 10 this week? Last week it was only one hour at 9. Are there 2 new episodes tonight or is the second one a replay from last week?I know the one airing right now (9pm) is new.
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