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I would think that he should get back what he staked you, you take your 25% and give him something in the neighbourhood of half the profit. Maybe 30-40%.The "standard" deal is usually to stake someone 100% and get back the stake plus half the profit. I guess since you're putting up 25% of the stake you should get something like0.5(Profit) + 0.25x0.5(Profit)So if you bought in for $100 ($25 of your own and $75 of his) and left the table with $1,100 I'd argue for splitting it like this:You = Initial stake + [0.5(Profit) + 0.25(0.5)(Profit)]Him = Total - YouYou = 25 + [0.5(1,000) + 0.25(0.5)(Profit)]You = 25 + (500 + 125)You = 650Him = 1,100 - 650Him = 450Don't ask my why I did this drawn out mathematical example, I guess I'm just bored.

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