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  1. Just how far do you want to take Affirmative Action though? Consider the following.You're trapped in your house which is engulfed in a massive fire. Thankfully your neighbour has called the fire department which is on its way to save you. All of a sudden a fire fighter barges into the room in which you are trapped. Your life rests on this guy's ability to pick you up and safely carry you outside the house as you are mostly incapaciated from smoke inhalation. Would you rather it be the big, strong white guy who scored remarkably well on his fitness testing or the little, skinny black guy who ca
  2. There is simply no legitimate, scientific evidence to suggest that the differences are genetic. If you want to believe that blacks scored lower than whites because of their genetics based on the "evidence" you may as well start writing your letter to Santa Claus.
  3. Why are you so afraid of this church? They don't have anything to do with race-related legislation. They're just a bunch of people banding together as a community to further the common good. Are you afraid that they'll actually succeed in their mission and you might have to complete for jobs and schools on an equal footing with these people? Who gives a crap what the colour of their skin is, they are creating postive change in a community. How the hell can anyone in their right mind rag on someone for doing that? BW was so incredibly on with his Imperial Wizard comment it's not even funny.
  4. I think 11 to 1 has mostly hit the nail on the head these last few posts. I still contend that if the Resurrection and Ascension didn't occur we have no reason to believe anything else about Jesus or Christianity. He certainly is correct about the Incarnation though. That was the point at which a human being became both fully God and fully man. The Resurrection was the point at which He proved that He was both fully man and fully God. Without the proof the Incarnation is just a big lie.
  5. How would the lack of a physical resurrection make the Bible a lie?
  6. Hang on there! You're being a little creative with what people have said to try to incite argument. I didn't say anything about the film's claims and their affect on Christianity. I said that if the Resurrection is a sham so is the rest of the faith. The film that this thread is about has no bearing what-so-ever on that.I will state again that the resurrection of Jesus' worldly bodily is completely irrelevant to the both the divinity of Christ and Christianity as a whole.I can see how the timing of my comments may have led you astray but I'm certainly not claiming anything of the importance of
  7. Nope, that's a misunderstanding. Jesus' divinity has nothing to do with what happened to His physical body. It's the resurrection of Jesus as a spiritual being and God that is important.
  8. I couldn't care less what happened to Jesus' physical body, it's completely irrelevant. What is important is that if Jesus was nothing but a man, died, and stayed dead in every way then Christianity is a big sham.
  9. Not true at all. The Bible isn't one book. The Roman Catholic Bible is a collection of 73 books written by many different authors, for differing purposes, and written across a large time span. If there is an incorrect detail in Daniel it has no bearing on the Gospels. It is very important the Gospels be accurate biographies of Jesus, it is not important if Daniel asked to be tested for 10 days or if it was actually 9. Hell, there could be 11 Commandments and Moses just forgot to tell us about one and it wouldn't really change anything about Christianity. The accounts of Jesus' life being false
  10. Why do you need a religion to have faith, hope and love?If Christ didn't rise from the dead and ascend into Heaven then everything witnessed about Him in the Bible is complete bull. It wouldn't change my mind on things like loving one's neighbour but I wouldn't show up to mass every Sunday anymore. Worshipping something completely false would just be moronic.As for finding another religion; maybe. I've already considered a good deal of them but they all really suffer from the same problem as a Christ-less Christianity would. The God of Christianity is the only being to both claim divinity and
  11. I wouldn't be a Christian, simple as that.
  12. If Jesus didn't rise from the dead the rest of Christianity is complete BS.
  13. I think you're pretty much correct but it runs much deeper than that. Love is a lot more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  14. I don't think it matters all that much. Chirst died on the cross, was buried, and disappeared on Easter Sunday. These are all events witnessed by many people. If you can offer an explanation other than the Resurrection the atheists would love to hear it because no one has come up with a viable one. So, basically, if there was a guy who promised ever-lasting life and then proved that He had the power to grant it what reason do we have to not believe Him? If you believe in anything of Christianity there is no reason to disbelieve in the resurrection of the dead.
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