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Dec 27
#2 Shortstackers 3.5 vs #3 The Big M's 3.5 (Stackers win series 2-0)
#2 PK Dealers 3.5 vs #3 Underdogs 1 (Dealers win series 2-0)
#2 Greaseballs 4 vs #3 Puck Warfare 1 (Series tied 1-1)
#2 Ingmen 3 vs #3 Broadway 0 (Ingmen win series 2-0)

Only one series will go to a final deciding game 3 as the Greaseballs storm back to beat Puck Warfare. All three #2 seeds have advanced otherwise, with The Big M's losing a heartbreaker 3.5-3.5 to Shortstackers. The regular season is incredibly important. Had the M's won home ice this series would be tied. Every game counts in Champions League! In the new year these will be the final matchups, waiting on the winner of Greaseballs and Puck Warfare on Dec 31 is Winning Combination:


#1 Whalers vs #2 Shortstackers for the Lemiuex Trophy
#1 Magically Delicious vs #2 PK Dealers for the Yzerman Trophy
#1 Mustangs vs #2 Ingmen for the Bonsignore Trophy

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Jan 2
#1 Whalers 2 vs #2 Shortstackers 6 (Stackers lead series 1-0)
#1 Magically Delicious 2.5 vs #2 PK Dealers 2.5 (Magic lead series 1-0)
#1 Winning Combination 6 vs #2 Greaseballs 6.5 (Greaseballs lead series 1-0)
#1 Mustangs 5 vs #2 Ingmen 2 (Mustangs lead series 1-0)


Crazy first night of the Champions League finals! We had one #2 seed win, in dramatic fashion I might add with a 6.5-6 win in a spot where a tie loses. Speaking of ties losing, Magically Delicious get the win in game one despite a 2.5-2.5 tie with PK Dealers. Once again, this emphasises the importance of the regular season and where you land. In the top division, Shortstackers with a convincing win over Whalers. For those trying to climb from the bottom Bonsignore, Mustangs are looking good after a solid win in game one over Ingmen.

Game two is tomorrow!

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Jan 4
#1 Whalers -0.5 vs #2 Shortstackers 4.5 (Stackers lead series 2-0)
#1 Magically Delicious 0.5 vs #2 PK Dealers 0.5 (Magic lead series 2-0)
#1 Winning Combination 1 vs #2 Greaseballs 6 (Greaseballs lead series 2-0)
#1 Mustangs 3 vs #2 Ingmen 3 (Mustangs lead series 2-0)

All 4 series could be done on Tuesday as each team that won game one, also won game two. But that's not the whole story. What is? The value of being the top seed in the regular season. This couldn't be more evident than what we have seen in the Magic/PK series vying for the Yzerman trophy. In BOTH games the teams tied. In both games, Magic gets the win. They will have a chance to close it out on Tuesday.

Shortstackers with a convincing win over the Whalers looking to close out and win the coveted Lemiuex trophy Tuesday.

The Winning Combination, the Tampa Bay Lighting of the league, are looking to be swept by the Brian Tortorella Steinberg of the league and his Columbus Bluejackets. WC ran away with the title during the regular season, but have struggled in the playoffs. They put up a 6 spot in game one which wasn't good enough, as Torts team posted a 6.5 and a 6 respectively.

Remember when we discussed the value of the top seed? It also played a role in the Bonsignore as the Mustangs win a 3-3 game thanks to a better regular season. This should be a notice to all owners in the league of the importance of each and every Champions League point in the regular season.

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Jan 7
#1 Whalers 4 vs #2 Shortstackers 3.5 (Stackers lead series 2-1)
#1 Magically Delicious 4.5 vs #2 PK Dealers 3.5 (Magic win series 3-0)
#1 Winning Combination 7 vs #2 Greaseballs 4.5 (Greaseballs lead series 2-1)
#1 Mustangs 2.5 vs #2 Ingmen 4 (Mustangs lead series 2-1)

We have a winner! Congrats to Magically Delicious for winning the Yzerman trophy. Next season, with a depleted cap, they will face off against the best of the best in the Lemieux division, taking Shoot Loose's place who is being relegated to the Yzerman. In the Lemieux division, the Whalers win a close one to stave off elimination and trail Shortstackers 2-1 in the series that will resume tomorrow, Jan 9th. Winning Combo, in a statement game facing elimination scores a touchdown against the Greaseballs, so this series isn't over yet either. Lastly, in the Bonsignore, the Mustangs weren't able to put away the Ingmen.

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Jan  9
#1 Whalers 2 vs #2 Shortstackers 4 (Stackers win series 3-1)
#1 Winning Combination 3 vs #2 Greaseballs 2 (Series Tied 2-2)
#1 Mustangs 4.5  vs #2 Ingmen 1.5 (Mustangs win series 3-1)

Congrats go out to Shortstackers for winning the Lemiuex trophy as the #2 seed with a 4-2 win over The Whalers. Also earning a trophy to go along with the most important trophy in the league, Survivor Tuesday champion, are the Mustangs who will be promoted to the Bonk Division next season. In the Bonk, we see that Winning Combination is not done yet, coming back from down 2 games to 0 to even the series with Greaseballs and they will face off tomorrow in a winner take all game 5. Of course, All Winning Combination needs to do is tie in order to move up to the Yzerman. Greaseballs are looking to move up in back to back seasons.

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Jan 11
#1 Winning Combination 1 vs #2 Greaseballs 6 (Greaseballs win series 3-2)

Congrats go out to the Greaseballs with the blowout victory in the deciding game! Greaseballs is a back to back Champions League champion, moving up from the Bonsignore, to the Bonk, and will be promoted to the Yzerman division next year. #2 seeds won two of the titles, and I don't believe we have ever seen a #3 seed crowned Champion of any Champions League Division.  Here are your 2020-21 Champions League Divisions:


The Big M's
Canadian Gothic
Magically Delicious


Shoot Loose
PK Dealers
Scarborough Shooters


Winning Combination
Puck Warfare
Red Ravens


Screamin' Eagles
Cheap Thieves

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