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Poker Stars Championships Barcelona €50K Final Table Includes Daniel

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The €50K High Roller at the Poker Stars Championship in Barcelona is down to the final table and Daniel is at it.


PokerStarsBlog‏Verified account @PokerStarsBlog 10h10 hours ago

Tip of the cap to Koray Aldemir who leads final 9 into #PSCBarcelona €50K finale, incl. @KurganovIgor, @RealKidPoker http://psta.rs/2wflVvh



PokerShares‏ @pokershares 2h2 hours ago

Just under 2.5 hours until the star-studded #PSCBarcelona final table begins.


Get your bets in! https://goo.gl/UKv3E3



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1:55pm: Daniel Negreanu eliminated in ninth (€117,700)

Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (ante 10,000)

Having lost that previous pot, Daniel Negreanu was soon among the action again.

Dietrich Fast open-jammed for 790,000, and it folded to Negreanu who moved all in over the top for 835,000. Nobody else called and the cards were flipped.

Negreanu: A♥K♠

Fast: 7♣7♠

The two were flipping with almost identical stacks, but Negreanu could find no help on the 9♦2♠5♣6♦J♥ runout.

With just 45,000 left and in the small blind the very next hand, Igor Kurganov opened, Negreanu was all in, and Bartlomiej Machon called the big blind.

The flop came down 9♣7♦J♥, Kurganov bet 80,000, and Machon folded.

Kurganov showed the Q♣J♦ for top pair, and Negreanu squeezed his cards and saw that he had a pair with his 7♠5♣. He had hope, but the A♦ turn and 3♥ river were no help.

"Good luck guys," Negreanu said as he left. "That's three for three Igor! Every final table!"

Kurganov explained that each time the two had got to a final together, he was always Negreanu's executioner. While Negreanu went to collect his money, Kurganov stacks up 4.55 million now. --JS

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