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Best Value After Flopping Full House?

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I was in a low limit cash game ($1-$2) when I called with 7s 10s in the big blind after a min raise and two other callers. The board is 10h 7d 10c. I check, so does the next player, there is a decent size bet from the middle. I call, and so does the player next to act after me. The fourth person folds.


The turn is a 5h, so I still have top full house. There is now another pretty large bet from the guy acting after me, and a call from the original better. Here I make a min raise, wanting to build the pot but not drive away anyone who might pay me out. I am called only by the player on my left.


At this point, I'm fairly certain he has a 10 as well, but what is the other card? It's also possible he has pocket fives or sevens or something like that, but I'm almost 95% certain he has a 10.


Now on the river, there is a king of clubs, and I check again. I'm very certain that he will bet again and my original plan was to shove on the river, but I'm a bit unnerved because of the off chance he caught a better full house. The pot now has almost as much as my stack so I'm obviously not folding but he makes a very large bet after the river. In the end, I just flat called, winning the pot against his A 10 but missing the chance to make an extra $60 from my remaining stack that I might have gotten had I shoved over his bet.


I realized afterwards I would have felt the same trepidation had ANY card higher than a 10 fallen on the river. J 10, Q 10, K 10, A 10, maybe even 9 10 were all possible, and yet I had the nuts on the turn. Of course, if the river is a 2 I would have gone all in over the top of his bet.


Was there any way I could have done this better? Other than have no fear from a high card falling?

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Don't be afraid of the monsters under the bed, your hand is huge and there are far more hands that he can have that will pay you off than the K-10 that you're afraid of.


Also if you only will make a big move with the nuts it makes you easier to play against if the other players are paying attention or play against you on a regular basis.

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Once you check-raise the turn, the gig is up. You're representing at least a 10. Lead the river.


Don't be afraid of getting coolered by a bigger full house. I also wouldn't be too concerned about scaring off a hand like A7 or 89. Those hands aren't going to pay you off significantly. Just figure he has a ten, an underfull, or an overpair and play in a way to double up.


To figure out how to double up, you have to know the stacks sizes. This is pretty important, and since you haven't noted stack sizes in your description, you're not giving this enough attention.

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