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America Officially Declared An Oligarchy

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I don't think that should surprise anybody who is paying attention.


Even something like the Affordable Care Act is largely a give away to the existing insurance companies let alone government brought to you by Halliburton or the entire Republican caucus in the House and Senate basically thinking about what the Koch Brothers want before anything else.

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You are correct. This information doesn't surprise me. It does however, piss me off. The worst part is the government will go right along like they never heard a thing and I fear thier squeeze of the middle class will only intensify.

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I don't know what will cause the rabble to storm the gates, I don't know if it even happens in my lifetime, but I think the post 9/11 era represents the first time in American history where there's been no doubt its coming, the game is officially over, we're just waiting for it to roll or crash to a stop.

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Interesting article. The headlines basically lead you to believe what a lot of middle class families already feel.


I personally don't care about the r squared. I base my best estimation on what my gut tells me. That has a r square of .50. (Maybe better)


I guess I take this financial/inequality stuff very hard. My family has lost a lot in this mess. The whole country seemed to fall apart. I suffered a stroke. I feel like I might be caught in some weird dream. Nothing feels real a lot of the time. I don't feel like I live in America anymore. It's like some crazy carbon copy facade.


To think that all this suffering was caused by people who just wanted a few dollars more makes this world a pretty scary place.


I do admire the new Pope and how he has addressed a lot of the major issues. I never considered myself a very religious person but I always felt like I was a good person. I wonder how these super rich people view themselves. I doubt they believe anything different than myself.


Either way it feels like a bad spot.


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There's a new book out by French Economist Thomas Piketty called Captial in the Twenty-First Century that is about the rising inequality and is getting a huge amount of interest in the Economic's Community.




Here's a good review of the book. If income inequality is something that interests you head over to your local library and give it a read or just buy it if you're rich.




In he stately world of academic presses, it isn’t often that advance orders and publicity for a book prompt a publisher to push forward its publication date. But that’s what Belknap, an imprint of Harvard University Press, did for “Capital in the Twenty-first Century,” a sweeping account of rising inequality by the French economist Thomas Piketty. Reviewing the French edition of Piketty’s book, which came out last year, Branko Milanovic, a former senior economist at the World Bank, called it “one of the watershed books in economic thinking.” The Economist said that it could change the way we think about the past two centuries of economic history. Certainly, no economics book in recent years has received this sort of attention. Months before its American publication date, which was switched from April to March, it was already the subject of lively online discussion among economists and other commentators.
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