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Running Flush V Quads

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$2 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, May 29, 19:40:23 BST 2013

Table Wrexham (Real Money)

Seat 1 is the button

Total number of players : 6/6

Seat 2: Figarootoo ( $1.98 USD )

Seat 1: Kibo_li ( $1.60 USD )

Seat 4: Samaraxino ( $1.11 USD )

Seat 6: bettyblue01 ( $2 USD )

Seat 5: ultrapaszuly ( $2.46 USD )

Seat 3: vassal08 ( $1.74 USD )

Figarootoo posts small blind [$0.01 USD].

vassal08 posts big blind [$0.02 USD].

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to Figarootoo [ Ks 9s ] :ks:9s

Samaraxino calls [$0.02 USD]

ultrapaszuly folds

bettyblue01 raises [$0.06 USD] (loose player)

Kibo_li folds

Figarootoo calls [$0.05 USD] (Only because its suited and the raiser is loose agg)

vassal08 calls [$0.04 USD]

Samaraxino calls [$0.04 USD]

** Dealing Flop ** [ Js, Td, Ts ] :js:10d:ts

Figarootoo checks (great flop obviously, expecting the opener to cbet)

vassal08 checks

Samaraxino checks

bettyblue01 bets [$0.17 USD]

Figarootoo calls [$0.17 USD] (always calling)

vassal08 calls [$0.17 USD] (slow play of quad 10's not unreasonable here in my opinion)

Samaraxino folds

** Dealing Turn ** [ Qs ] :qs:bubble_yes:

Figarootoo checks (1st to act lets see what they do)

vassal08 checks (ultra slow play)

bettyblue01 checks

** Dealing River ** [ Qc ] :qc

Figarootoo is all-In [$1.75 USD] (Might as well shove in with the nuts in a small stakes game like this, two interested)

vassal08 is all-In [$1.51 USD]

bettyblue01 folds

Figarootoo shows [ Ks, 9s ]a straight flush, King high.

vassal08 doesn't show [ Tc, Th ]four of a kind, Tens. :th:tc

Figarootoo wins $0.24 USD from the side pot 1 with a straight flush, King high.

Figarootoo wins $3.59 USD from the main pot with a straight flush, King high. :D

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Too bad it wasn't live, even though he would have made more than you.

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