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Gl To Gibler321 Ft Event #49 Wsop

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Gl and TID to our Kimmy :)Gibler321 in his 1st year at the WSOP is at the FT of Event #49GL Harrison Top Chip Counts 1 Eugene Du Plessis 980,000 2 Mike Sowers 790,000 3 Seth Davies 530,000 4 Greg Hobson 350,000 5 Harrison Gimbel 315,000 6 John Hayes 230,000 7 Sameer Aljanedi 210,000 8 Mike McDonald 185,000 9 Justin Schwartz 170,000

Harrison Gimbel@Harrison_GimbelWe dont even get to 10 handed unofficial ft. 11th and 10th busted. 325k to end day. 469,500 avg stack. Back tomorrow at 1 pm for#wsopft

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I really hope that you win this event. I watched when you played the PCA (i think it was ). First bracelet, with many more in your future.\ good luck today

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maybe looshle, or Fluff, Nonotbaxter most likely my guess Davies Crippled; Gimbel Booming

Posted 10 minutes ago by

Josh_Cahlik • Level 22 facebook23.png twitter23.png

Greg Hobson had the button.

Harrison Gimbel raised to 40,000 and Seth Davies made it 93,000. It folded back to Gimbel and he thought for a moment before announcing all in. Davies took a deep breath and called. Davies showed

qc.gifqh.gif which was ahead of Gimbel's as.gif6s.gif.

The queens held on the

9h.gif10c.gifkh.gif flop and the 2d.gif turn. Davies was one card away from eliminating Gimbel.

The dealer pounded the table and flipped up...



This hand crippled Davies and left him with only 55,000 in chips.

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Top Chip Counts 1 Harrison Gimbel 1,290,000 2 Greg Hobson 1,000,000 3 John Hayes 605,000 4 Mike Sowers 510,000 5 Eugene Du Plessis 315,000 6 Mike McDonald 280,000

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GG kiddo

:club: nice cashbe88378e293.jpgHarrison Gimbel - 4th PlaceHarrison Gimbel had the button.Mike Sowers limped and Gimbel raised to 80,000. Sowers called and the two were heads up to a flop of 3h.gif6c.gifjs.gif. They both checked and saw a turn of as.gif.Sowers checked for a second time and Gimbel dipped into his stack, pushing 135,000 into the middle. Sowers replied by moving all in and Gimbel quickly called to realize he was crushed.Sowers: da.gif6s.gifGimbel: ac.gif3s.gifBoth had turned two pair with Sowers having the higher two pair. The 9s.gif finished the board and Gimbel was sent home in fourth place. Chip Counts Mike Sowers 1,500,000 630,000 delta_pos.png Harrison Gimbel flag_us.png US Busted

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str8 fkin name dropping from rose itt
jealous Ian :)at least this is one kid that I have met , and he is a super nice kid too.,
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