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Ftops Me Winner Scandal

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Personally I think the OP was telling the truth, and the KingAJQ guy is trying to keep his winnings because now he knows they are going to check up on him.One of his 'friends' declares that he has had lots of past success etc. Then someone points out his lack of any success via his screen name resultsThen they say his screen name is different, and after a short time they post a couple new screen names, completely unrelated to his.And ooops, one of those screen names also won another major the same day.No indication in any of the other 'defending our buddy' posts, in fact the tone was that he has had good success 'before' but you don't think that his winning another major the same day wouldn't be implied at minimum?Of course I hope I am wrong and good for the guy for winning loads of money etc. But I suspect that there is more to the story than his post that he 'had a good weekend'
I lean more towards this as well than some guy just randomly decided to bash the guy. Who knows what will happen though.
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