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20-40 Lhe (foxwoods Yesterday)

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Bet you clicked on this from the home page not realizing its a bad beat rant!!! Actually I'm over it, just thought you guys would get a kick out of these hands and probabilities. Left last night stuck $2800, one of the lesser profitable nights at this game I've had in a while.Hand 1Guy in MP raises, I call the from the BB with QhJhFlop: Qc8d4sI check, MP bets, I raise, MP callsTurn 4hI bet, MP callsRiver AsI bet, MP calls and shows AsJd and winsOn the turn I was a 93% fav to win that hand (approx 18-1) Hand 2 (now it gets really disgusting)I raise with AhKh, guy in LP callsFlop: Kd5d2hI bet, LP callsTurn: 7sI bet, LP callsRiver: 7cI bet, LP raises, I callLP shows 10h7h (????) and winsOn the flop I’m a 98.5% fav to win (approx 50-1) Hand 3UTG raises, MP calls, I call from cutoff with 8d8cFlop: 8sQd4cUTG bets, MP raises, I 3bet, UTG folds, MP callsTurn: 7cMP checks, I bet, MP callsRiver: KcMP checks, I bet, MP raises, I callMP shows Ac10c (??????) for nuts and winsOn the flop I’m a 94% fav to win (approx 19-1) Last hand of the nightFolds around to aggressive button who raises, I call in the SB with KdQdFlop: KsQs7cI check, button bets, I raise, button 3 bets, I 4 bet, he callsTurn: 4dI bet, button callsRiver: 7dI bet, button raises, I callButton shows Qh7h for a boat and winsOn the turn I’m a 95% fav to win (approx 19-1) Total odds of me loosing all 4 of these hands… 0.000003% (1 in 324,900)Think I'm doing this right... just multiply the denominators right?

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