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Dn Deep In Hi Stakes 8 Game Scoop

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hehe I immediatly thought he was rolled up just smooth calling hereokerStars Game #26918943370: Tournament #200904153, $4000+$175 8-Game (7 Card Stud Limit) - Level XXIX (1200/2400) - 2009/04/09 19:29:16 PT [2009/04/09 22:29:16 ET]Table '200904153 11' 6-maxSeat 2: KidPoker (43281 in chips) Seat 4: THAY3R (16870 in chips) Seat 5: MUSTAFABET (55342 in chips) Seat 6: what is 7x6 (57916 in chips) MUSTAFABET: posts the ante 240what is 7x6: posts the ante 240KidPoker: posts the ante 240THAY3R: posts the ante 240*** 3rd STREET ***Dealt to KidPoker [5c]Dealt to THAY3R [2c]Dealt to MUSTAFABET [Ac]Dealt to what is 7x6 [9s]THAY3R: brings in for 360MUSTAFABET: raises 840 to 1200what is 7x6: raises 1200 to 2400KidPoker: calls 2400THAY3R: folds MUSTAFABET: folds *** 4th STREET ***Dealt to KidPoker [5c] [Qs]Dealt to what is 7x6 [9s] [Jh]KidPoker: checks what is 7x6: bets 1200KidPoker: calls 1200*** 5th STREET ***Dealt to KidPoker [5c Qs] [7s]Dealt to what is 7x6 [9s Jh] [6h]KidPoker: checks what is 7x6: bets 2400KidPoker: raises 2400 to 4800what is 7x6: calls 2400*** 6th STREET ***Dealt to KidPoker [5c Qs 7s] [6s]Dealt to what is 7x6 [9s Jh 6h] [8h]KidPoker: bets 2400what is 7x6: calls 2400*** RIVER ***KidPoker: bets 2400what is 7x6: calls 2400*** SHOW DOWN ***KidPoker: shows [5h 5s 5c Qs 7s 6s Kc] (three of a kind, Fives)what is 7x6: mucks hand KidPoker collected 28920 from pot*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 28920 | Rake 0 Seat 2: KidPoker showed [5h 5s 5c Qs 7s 6s Kc] and won (28920) with three of a kind, FivesSeat 4: THAY3R folded on the 3rd StreetSeat 5: MUSTAFABET folded on the 3rd StreetSeat 6: what is 7x6 mucked

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7th.. but i missed the lasthand HH any1?
DN was basically all-in in the BB, drew 4, opponent drew 1, DN draws 2, opponent pats, DN timebanks and pats with 9-7-x-x-x and opponent shows a perfect 9.
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