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I never post but i was so sick about this one.Live 5-10 @ Brantford Casino in OntarioI'm on the Button with 88 Flop in caped a 4 bets 9 WAYS!!! (the BB is the only fold) for a pot of $185.Flop come 8 4 3 rainbow It's caped 7 ways for a pot of $325turn is a 6 completing the rainbow. the pot is caped 6 ways for a pot of $560 (one player is all in for 3 bets)River is a 3 the pot is caped 4 ways with on player calling 2 bets and folding for a pot of $730I ask who has quads with no response and flip my 8's, 44 and 66 are turned in disgust, player who was all in shows A 5 and finally an older man shows his 33 player to my rights tells me he folded his 7 5 on the river after he called two bets. If this is true then i was drawing to 1 out on the turn, but i think he was just didn't want to admit playing an overpair so badly.Floor man who was watching said it was the biggest pot he had ever seen a 5-10

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