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** Pokerdome St Marys Deepstack ** (australians / Sydneysiders Only)

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hey all i have never put a post in here trying to promote a game but now im going to.the friday night deepstack @ st marys poker dome has now got new everything all the dickheads (besides me) are now gone and they are really doing good things.its now a $55 buy in with NO RE-BUYS!!!!! and free food at the break for everyone.* 7 thousand starting stack* long blinds* next to no rake* featured final table* drink service* food service* free pub membership deals * massive prize pooli dont work in the place nor have anything to do with it but i just want to promote the tournys as it deserves a big turn out.guys and girls please come out for a great game and have some fun while your at it.ill personally buy each person from here a drink out of my own wallet if you come. irish

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i'd love to go ... but there are a few reasons i can't bring myself to go ...1) Its in St Marys2) Its in St Marys
yeah ur game is lame anyways stay in your bubble
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