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  1. If you go the Blackberry .. as King said .. I've heard some mediocre reviews of the Blackberry Storm (the touch phone one)But I have the Blackberry Bold .. and its AWESOME.
  2. i shouldn't have played tonight ... i was going to have the night off.. but TV was boring ..-5BI .. about 2 of them tilting at the end :(losing with top set all in on the turn to a flush draw set me off (after I was already down a few buyins to some ugly spots and suckouts already)sigh... rather than an 8 BI weekend .. its a 3BI weekend
  3. microlimit joining in with the run good [ ] cwik'd
  4. I have the blackberry bold .. and I absolutely love it.I think the best way to describe the difference is:Iphone = consumer phone that has business featuresblackberry bold = business phone that has consumer featuresso really .. choose if you want a business or a consumer phoneRdog: I still love you! :)EDIT: I should have said my phone is a business phone first of all .. as I use it for email/calendar/contacts on the go for work, as well as a phone.
  5. I should note .. that alot of those bad hands occurred when i was using poker as my "time off" during a REALLY stressful week at work ... not unsurprising that not being mentally focused causes bad things in my game ..I had a lovely chinese massage today, and decided to play a little .. and did well .. (and ran well )
  6. well .. after running at 50bb/100 for like 10k hands .. the inevitable downswing did happen ...good news is that i came out of it today ...month to date: more good news is that i ran well above EV today :)i binked a crazy pot with the nut straight draw against top set ...and EV line posted .. as its ABOVE the line ... note: I'm still like 40BI below EV over my last like 60k hands
  7. Oh Hai Der ..I was listening to the 2+2 pokercast today .. They interviewed Matt Savage, who said that because the cash games are so juicy its been tough convincing guys to play the tourneys... How good are the cash games?Rdog: I'm down for some type of private strategy forum.Cwik/LobSTAR: more Nipple shots obv
  8. Anyone else playing on Cake at all here??Man its lagging like crazy .. I'll have to go give Full Tilt my rake .. and I don't want to do that!
  9. HAHAAHA .. 2 shortstackers playing 1/2 NL Heads UP ..Milestone hand .. PokerStars Game #24925000000: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2009/02/14 7:25:17 ETTable 'Riviera' 2-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: cr0sss ($40 in chips) Seat 2: NoFreeBids ($40 in chips) NoFreeBids: posts small blind $1cr0sss: posts big blind $2*** HOLE CARDS ***NoFreeBids: calls $1cr0sss has timed outcr0sss: checks *** FLOP *** [8d 5h 6h]cr0sss has timed outcr0sss: checks NoFreeBids: bets $38 and is all-incr0sss: foldsUncalled bet ($38) returned to NoFreeBidsNoFreeBids collected $3.80 from potNoFreeBids: doesn't show hand *
  10. There are a bunch of weird State laws in the US regarding "maximum" bet sizes ...So some Casinos have spread limit which is a minimum and maximum bet size for a single bet...
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