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AH CA MON!!!!Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $.25/$.52 playersConverterPre-flop: (2 players) John Woodman is SB with :D:4hJohn Woodman raises, BB calls.Flop: :ts:D:club: (4SB, 2 players)BB checks, John Woodman bets, BB raises, John Woodman calls.Turn: :5c (4BB, 2 players)BB bets, John Woodman calls.River: :D (6BB, 2 players)BB bets, John Woodman calls.Results:Final pot: 8BBhe had 87, the freaking donkey!

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Imo the BB does everything right, because its limit HU and he hits a second pair on flop so the raise is quite good and turn and river bets are obv.

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