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  1. um... i knew i had 99. that's how good i am.
  2. seriously?i had 99. that's nines. that's better than 87 on the flop. 9 is higher than 8 last time i checked.
  3. AH CA MON!!!!Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $.25/$.52 playersConverterPre-flop: (2 players) John Woodman is SB with John Woodman raises, BB calls.Flop: (4SB, 2 players)BB checks, John Woodman bets, BB raises, John Woodman calls.Turn: (4BB, 2 players)BB bets, John Woodman calls.River: (6BB, 2 players)BB bets, John Woodman calls.Results:Final pot: 8BBhe had 87, the freaking donkey!
  4. We could be reasonably certain that it was Radio Luxembourg we'd picked up. Then it was one of few stations broadcasting in what we called King's English (although in this day of advanced communications, I believe the youth now refer to it as BBC English). RodReynolds could not stand the German propaganda, but by then all of the Kingdom's stations were using regional and cockney. Having been born without the standing or privilege of my peers at Cambridge, and unable to shed my family name, as a younger man I often complained loudest about dropped consonants. Do not mistake me as stuffy. I
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