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Aqo I Raise Utg

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OK Blinds 800-1600 I have AQo utg min raises at this point of a live tourney have been succesful. I raise to 3200 and SB calls and states sorry I have to call. and BB calls no worries I have position. Flop Ac5c6d SB moves allin for 5400 BB folds if I call im decimated if I fold I have a chance. What should I have done. I thought about the hand later and realized that if I call im over 20000 in chips or on life support. Also, realized the hands that beat me she could have AA,AK,55,66,A5 and A6 and hands that I beat were KK-77,AJ-A7. What is the right move here call or fold we just moved to final table during this hand. Remember this is a live tourney.

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