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Hello Poker Junkies,I could use some help on something. I have been going to local Holdem tourneys in the Seattle area for the last six months or so on the weekends. Usually the card rooms I go to have $30-$50 buy ins. Which is big enough for me. I've been doing pretty well latley. I just don't like the blind structures. I realize the tourneys are just to get you in to the casinos so that you play on the live tables. still there has to be better tourneys around. Does anyone know of a website that has lnformation on local tourneys? I'd rather play $100 tourneys if thats what it takes, rather than those turbo type tourneys. The last one I played at had 10 minute blinds, which is pretty quick and the blinds went from 200-400 to 500- 1000 in one jump and then continued to double. A forty person tourney that lasts less than an hour seems way to quick.thanks, :club:

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If you haven't found anything yet, check out chipsharks.com. Just enter your zip code and anything else you want to customize and there you are.Also, you could try FindPokerPal.com--Chris

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